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Welcome to Yugen - Northstar! A brand new anime/manga community looking for new friendly people to come and chat with us and keep the community active. We're glad you've decided to join us. Stay tuned for our giveaways: including an annual one year of nitro giveaway 🎉 happening right now that everyone is eligible for 🎉. Also check out our live events and games, you can't miss it. So come along, our friendly staff and members can't wait to see you, take care!! 👐


Hello there and welcome to our discord server page. As you can see we are a brand new, up and coming server looking for friends to chat and have fun with. Here you will find many things, among them being, super friendly people, helpful staff, games, giveaways (nitro included), shop and currency system that allows you to buy roles and more, live events, contest, random quizzes and prizes, and your family dose of inspiration just to help you get through your day! Anyways that's all about all I can say to get you to join, it's now up to you to come see it for yourself, so come in and join us, we've been waiting for you this whole time! Welcome to the server!! (●♡∀♡)



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