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Astolfo's Basement 18+ background
Astolfo's Basement 18+ users-three 41 14 2 2
server background
server users-three 55 20

We need people here because the owner (bones) is lonely and has no friends but luckily a queen named lee is here. thank you jesus pls join we r desperate

memesuke’s server background
memesuke’s server users-three 254 38 1 1

hi join to date egirls eboys femboys adn anime roleplay and free speech and life and dating advice pls join

Black Hole background
Black Hole users-three 17 6

Hello there! This server is about black holes and space! Check our our community!

𝙵𝚁𝙾𝚂𝚃𝙷𝙰𝚅𝙴𝙽 background
𝙵𝚁𝙾𝚂𝚃𝙷𝙰𝚅𝙴𝙽 users-three 192 43 2 2

Are you emo or lonely? Are you bored and Discord active? Are you looking for friends? 𝔉𝔯𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔫 is a brand new Medieval themed community/music server.

100+ of the BEST Dark Aesthetic Emojis Ever with all your Favorite Aesthetic! You can find the World's Greatest Emotes so you can use that are just EPIC so you can express yourself freely. HUNDREDS of them! 🖤 100+ Emojis 🖤 Custom designed Emojis you won't find elsewhere 🖤 Most popular Dark Aesthetic Emojis on the web in one place Why are you holding out? Stop wasting time looking for Dark Emojis that fill your style, and join now!

Somos un pequeño servidor con una comunidad amable en busca de nuevos amigos K-popers. Se acepta cualquier grupo del K-pop que te guste, Nosotros ofrecemos:

R6 Accounts background
R6 Accounts users-three 1091 80

real server with legit mms legit people n stuff we are legit

@  pinks    #DJ2L background
@  pinks    #DJ2L users-three 36 19

(✿ᴗ ᴗ) ♡🌸 ﹒welcome to . . . @ pinks !  🍚  ﹒  ✿  ﹒ sfw ┈  non-tox ♡  ﹒  🍡  ﹒ Very small pink & white thmed

CyberPhantom background
CyberPhantom users-three 82 16

Join to learn programming and cybersecurity for free. Server for hacking . black hat , red teaming , ethical hacking , coding , programming . join to have fun and chat with us. lets share our knowledge!!

shitty ass shop background
shitty ass shop users-three 24 10
Mute Plaza background
Mute Plaza users-three 2350 145 16 16

This is the most trusted R6 black market in all of comm we have trusted middlemans trusted staff and we have a scammer lookout

BloxShop | Cheap Robux & Lims background
BloxShop | Cheap Robux & Lims users-three 12007 1583 17 17

BloxShop | Stock #1 Stock server on the market since 2021. We offer the cheapest rates for robux and limiteds. We accept most payment methods from PayPal to Crypto to GiftCards. 🔥 ROBUX RATES 🔥 1000 - 3 USD 5000 - 10 USD 1000 - 20 USD More in ser

CROWNTOWN!!! background
CROWNTOWN!!! users-three 157 37 2 2

A server made for artists of all kinds who want a community to share their works or interests with others!

—(••÷[ 𝕊𝗍𝖔𝖕 ]÷••)— background
—(••÷[ 𝕊𝗍𝖔𝖕 ]÷••)— users-three 10 4

Un pequeño server en el cual podras socializar e invitar mas amigos...................................................................................................................................................