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orangutan's minecraft fun background
orangutan's minecraft fun users-three 23 13

Are you sad, lonely, in poverty, or starving on the streets? If you said yes to any of these, JOIN ORANGUTAN'S MINECRAFT FUN!! Here you can have a supportive community that can help you run away from your problems and never address them!

Cat Craft background
Cat Craft users-three 49 9

Hello! Cat Craft is a vanilla, survival server for the java edition of Minecraft. We strive to have a kind and welcoming community. If you decide to join, we welcome you!

Quasar SMP background
Quasar SMP users-three 44 18

Apply to be in a private Java Minecraft community, and server! With private giveaways with high win rate, good community, good staff, hiring staff, and an application to only have the best of the best people in our community.

SurviveSMP background
SurviveSMP users-three 71 19

This is Survive SMP! We love being a great, happy, vanilla Survival Server with some simple features: We have the lifesteal plugin to add some fun and challenge into the server, we have vein miner, tpa, /sethome, and a couple other plugins! Join today! https://discord.gg/4e3sJgQgJJ