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Ecstasy background
Ecstasy users-three 170 52 16 16

Chill server Funny Asl Active Vcs Badbitches?? Semitoxic server dont be sensitive and dont be too toxic

The Next Level background
The Next Level users-three 178 61 14 14

The Ultimate Gaming Community! We offer support for various games, as well as community events and giveaways!

L'unité d'Overwatch background
L'unité d'Overwatch users-three 168 71 7 7

Overwatch Unity Hub : Rassemblement de la communauté française d'Overwatch

/Kalo — Christmas event ! background
/Kalo — Christmas event ! users-three 181 50 12 12

Hello and welcome to kalopsia. We are a Social & Gaming community server. Overwatch, Minecraft, Valorant, and many more games. Our VCs are active daily and we have a very minimalist layout in our server.

★﹒WinterCabin﹒★ background
★﹒WinterCabin﹒★ users-three 61 29 2 2

╭ ʚ ❄️ ︰˗ˏˋ ₊˚ WinterLove! ₊˚ ˎˊ˗ ╰ ━ ━ ━ ━ Your new safe haven! ❄️ ━ ❥ 🎐 ➜ Chill staff 🌨️ ➜ Variations of emotes & icons ☁️ ➜ Semi toxic

- La taverne des champions - background
- La taverne des champions - users-three 241 87 3 3

Nous sommes un serveur français rassemblant différentes communautés du jeu vidéo ; League of legends, Valorant, overwatch et bien d'autres, tout ça dans une ambiance chill et une esthétique propre a notre serveur ! Joins toi à nous dès maintenant !

Team Cardinalis background
Team Cardinalis users-three 1901 182 7 7

Thanks to the Team Cardinalis community find mates on a multitude of games. • Share your achievements • Participate in paid tournaments, scrims and funny events • Become a pro player for Team Cardinalis

🫐Pies🫐 background
🫐Pies🫐 users-three 103 31 2 2

Pies is a server for anybody over 16! Well as long as you're not homophobic racist and etc. We support lgbtq+ community and have really nice and active mods and owners We offer many different channels and a customizable profile of yours by choosing

JorimHub background
JorimHub users-three 383 78 17 17

An 18+ social / gaming server. Perfect for finding others to play games or chat with. We host events of all different types, play all sorts of games and promote friendly behaviour towards everyone.

cybercellar background
cybercellar users-three 165 57 9 9

17+ This is a server to discuss the things you like, with channels dedicated to topics locked behind roles. If you are inactive you will be kicked within a week of inactivity by a bot, so be active. Active members are rewarded with custom roles.

kōfuku ~ revamping background
kōfuku ~ revamping users-three 67 40 2 2

-ˋˏ ༻ Hello ! ༺ ˎˊ- ~We’re a small, fun, sfw, gaming server that’s main purpose is meeting new friends !~

[Overwatch2] Play Your Rank background
[Overwatch2] Play Your Rank users-three 173 46 2 2

un simple concept, créer une communauté qui s'entraide et un endroit où vous faire des amis.

✩ Looney Bin ✩ background
✩ Looney Bin ✩ users-three 166 53 19 19

18+ Social/gaming server! Smol but hoping to grow! Chill space for chatting, gaming & other fun stuff! ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶

server background
server users-three 50 16

Join this server to talk about your favorite mangas/animes or some recommendations. come play fortnite or overwatch or come jam out to some tunes from kpop to rap any genre is fine. it’s super cool and chill here all ages welcome going thru revamp

Celine background
Celine users-three 1732 345 2 2

♡ Lily’s world chill anime themed gaming server with cool people and we like to hang out and play games such as dbfz, fornite, yugioh master duel, overwatch etc. plus variety of other stuff to…

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