Prime Advertising & Nitro Giveaways! is looking for Discord Moderators

  • Prime Advertising & Nitro Giveaways!

    Prime Advertising & Nitro Giveaways!

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How to get the job?

You must join the server by pressing the button "Join the server" above and contact the staff, or the user that made the staff listing.

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**Important note: DO NOT ask for status of your application. Please do not forget to be creative in your answers, too much grammar mistakes will get your application refused.**


**Which positions are we looking to fill?** 🟡 - Developer Team = Edits and creates our in-house bots 🟢- Human Resources = Department = Recruitment of new employees 🟢- Marketing Team = Creates advertising copy and promotes ZA 🟡- Community Manager = Creates Giveaways, Events, Qotd, Bumpt ZA, Promotes ZA 🟢- Partnership Manager = Creates partnerships, alliances and promotes ZA 🟢- Moderator Team = Moderates the chat and promotional channels 🟢- GFX Team = Creates designs for logos, banners, bots, events or website 🟢- Sales Team = Sale and offer of our products 🟢- Staff Team = Moderates the chat and promotional channels Status: 🟢 - Open 🟡 - Open, but good application needed 🔴- Closed