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Looking for a voluntary Administration with a vast amount of experience in managing Discord servers and helping them grow with the right audience, whilst also maintaining safety and well-being.


I am going to be looking for a Server and Team Leader. You must have experience in managing Discord Servers and share a passion for it to grow to the right audience. It can be extensively draining to be managing a whole server whilst working, being a parent and recording, making and uploading videos. This role will require a lot of dedication, so probably isn't suitable to someone who has school/college, you will need to be present and on-call most of the time. The role will be to effectively take care of the server and teams whilst also managing these areas and continually as an individual and as part of team management, actively promote the server so that it grows. This role will include the responsibility to ensure that every member is safe and secure whilst here and ensure all rules are followed at all times, dealing with staff complaints and managing the roles of the team and members. When you contact, I will be expecting you to sell yourself, meaning you should take time to complete this and it should contain lots of information about your experiences, what roles you did, the tasks you did, how you managed issues and teams, how you work to safeguard the members of the server. Only apply for this role if you are serious, you will be responsible for ensuring the server is maintained and looked after and that members are safe, failure to do so may lead to consequences due to laws surrounding Safeguarding. References will be required.