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Deafblind individual Seeking for assistance growing his "DeafBlind Minetest Gaming" Discord Guild seeing I am struggling with growth. Even though I already attempted several listing sites and maintaining the remainders.


I am seeking for someone who might have the networking capabilities that I clearly lacks to be able to expends and grow this discord guild beyond the (though dedicated) very limited members' space I have currently. From what I was very limitly was able to get from the server lists. If you believe you might have the networking capabilities to facilitate progressing this discord guild in a positive mean please do let me becomes aware (Discord: DBGamer#3981 or [email protected]). Please make sure you understand what this discord is about beforehand if you are able to (feel free to actually joins it if you think that might help you than what's the details provides). Otherwise you are more than welcome to be talking me further regarding it of course. <3