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We're building a dating community +18, I'm looking for serious date-doctors to match people up and build a reliable and fun community.


We're building a dating community on our 18+ discord, we have already established an onlyfans section. We want to branch out and create a dating section for our discord. We're looking for mature moderators to play date-doctor and match people up who are compatible with each other. * Must be 18 years of ages or older. * Must speak English fluently. * Must have a microphone. * Must be able to execute instructions and follow guidelines. * Must be active, friendly and out-going, cannot be shy or quiet. Job Description: You will be hosting stage calls with 100+ or more users who want to join the stage and meet their love of their lives, this is all for fun, but please make sure you're mature. Again, you will be building this community with me and we'll create a structure together.