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How to get the job?

You must join the server by pressing the button "Join the server" above and contact the staff, or the user that made the staff listing.

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Hi, we are Drago's Room! A community/gaming server that is growing everyday. We have always wanted a website for our server. It would be cool if you can make our dream come true by making a custom website for us.


This is the requirement for website developers. It is very short so make sure to read it properly and if you meet the requirement, please join the server and help us by making a website for us. Here are the requirements: 1. You must be 13+ 2. You must follow Discord ToS and Guidelines and server rules. 3. You must be good at your job and well trusted. 4. You must have prior experience. 5. You must know how to develop a website. If you have any questions, dm me (Dragoishere 🐲#2442) or dm our mod mail bot in Drago's Room. Also, it would be cool if you can make it for free since I am broke and just want a website.