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My server is a very diverse server with many different aspects, from roleplay to gaming to a completely unique economy. But the most important thing is the community. Must be 18+.


★Starry Night★ This is just a fun server to hang out and chat with people! We have quite a few different bots to use, such as: -Dio★ -OwO★ -ProBot★ -BlackJack★ -Dank Memer★ -TupperBox★ We also have some NSFW stuff if that's what you like, there is a RP section for all of you who would like to do that, with a space theme to go with it, and there is a gaming section as well, where you can play games with other people or just talk about your favorite games with other people! We also have memes. In addition, we have quite a few roles to choose from! We are very inclusive also! Oh, and we also have our own Minecraft server! We also are working on a unique economy for our server as well! Oh, and you have to be 18+ to apply.