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united trying is a none toxic server that want everyone to be respected for who they are and not just be juged by what game that they play. as a staff in united trying you have to be friendly, none toxic and active.


UNITED TRYING is all about gaming, sharing, talk about new games, have fun with people across other games, and more! We have a wide variety of games alredy, however we’re always listening to suggestions from the server about what gaming channels we should add into the server. UNITED TRYING is also a place where friendship will be built across games and where people can talk about all types of things without anyone judging them for what game that they play or just straight up being toxic to them. we want all of our members to respect people for who they are inside of theyr harts and not about what game they are playing. as an staff here you should help out the members if they need help with anything. we also have a promoting/demotion ratings once a week so you can grow your roles. you will begin as a helper and have to earn some trust from me and/or some of the staffmanagers or the co owner