Rainbow Valley!! || Boost Us || Be Safe is looking for Discord Helpers

  • Rainbow Valley!! || Boost Us || Be Safe

    Rainbow Valley!! || Boost Us || Be Safe

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. PEACH TAFFY ♡ chiisai gardens is a cute lil place to hangout other peeps !! we offer:: lots of cool bots ! a sfw communtity ! a lovely pink aesthetic ! we also have a nice lil suggestion system for suggestions !!


╭₊˚ `🍡` **PEACH TAFFY IS HIRING**﹒♡ — `🍌`・hi there !! ~~mods and partnership managers ~~ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ _ _ **. . req . .** ⸝⸝˚₊・﹕send at least **5** messages __a day__ (the server is a lil dead so if theres nothing to say then i understand) `🌈` ╰╮﹒`👚`₊˚ must be 13+ꜝꜝ ♡﹕be **friendly**❜~₊ ╭╯﹒୨`🍓`୧₊˚ active for at least and hour a dayꜝꜝ ╰₊˚ :blossom: **dm me for more details !!**﹒♡