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{no payments} Looking for Script Writer write good few pages of lore from point view of NPC. Help build a picture of the world n our website Lore already on website so just need rewrite from point of view of npc. fun pasttime project


Project name: Domhan Gra Project description: It role-play wiki website am working on it a fantasy, anime, furry, medieval theme world. It small fun past time project so their {no payments}, but you will be credit on discord and our website. It about world created for the goddess Geella by God Teenar but they end up making into a world home to the new races and their two girls, the old world send fire hound to find Teenar and seen this world and plain to destroy it so Teenar being to appear back in lives of the other worlds as he seem busy with new world Domhan Gra. The God Teenar and his new love Geella turn into the moons and hound turn into sun of the world after great battle. But a fallen angel known as Forcas unleash darkness on the world and now the player must rebuild it. Requirements: - Must be over 16 -Has a discord account - Must be ok going to mic chat room to talk plains and chat on projects or new idea's - Need to know English well - Any Gender for all roles - Must be open to Lore that already put out - Ok being credit on website and discord - ok Joining our website - Script Writer OPEN ~ info on website just need script for random character from that world to explain that info Join discord and go to #staff-wanted or DM @ Neko Loveheart#0842 1 to 3 day wait time sometime shorter