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  • Posted by: BlakeNeedsABreak BlakeNeedsABreak

How to get the job?

You must join the server by pressing the button "Join the server" above and contact the staff, or the user that made the staff listing.


Looking for people with a love for Roblox and helping people to be on our advertising team! Paid 10$USD for every 1,000 members joined through your links, we do any currency and most payment methods.


At Blake's Free VIP Servers, we pride ourselves in being one of the most useful Roblox discord servers you will ever join. We do not only serve VIP servers but we also serve an advertising section, trading section with a marketplace, and even a development section to flex your skills. We would like to have more advertising managers in order to spread this utility to everyone who needs it. We have a few small requirements for it of course, but they shouldn't be too hard to fulfill. • 13+ and mature • Enjoys and has some basic knowledge of Roblox • Is able to bring 25 members into the server every week We pay every month on the 1st. We usually check applications on the 28th of each month and hire then. Payment is 1$USD for every 100 members invited.