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Our age regression server is growing rapidly! We are seeking volunteer event managers familiar with age regression to assist us.


♡ ────────────────────────── ♡ 🌈 ˚·⁺ Regression Rainbow ⁺·˚ ⛅ What is this server? ˚˳✶₊ .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ We are a 100% SFW age regression server. .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ This server is for age regressors, pet regressors, and little alters. .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ All upper staff and moderators are 18+. .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Members must be 13+, as per Discord TOS. What does this server offer? ˚˳✶₊ .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ 100+ roles .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Open voice chats .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Safe space for those that are LGBT+ and/or POC .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Accepting of those with mental disorders and/or physical disabilities .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ DID/OSDD friendly (with alter typing quirks welcome) .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Educational information on regression and related health conditions .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Variety of in-server events .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Upcoming monthly giveaways (including Nitro!) .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Fun bots (for music, roleplay, and more) .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Worksheets and other fun activities for littles and their caregivers .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Boundary consent roles enforced to protect our members .◦⁺˚˙☁︎ Currently looking for staff and mods! (Must be 18+.) ♡ ────────────────────────── ♡