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Valestreal Valestreal Helpers 131
Roleplay Manager + Helpers Needed!

We a restarting our Exclusive Community Roleplays and need assistance managing and maintaining them.

Bunny's Sweet Home 18+ Bunny's Sweet Home 18+ Helpers 5689
Looking for people experienced with bots

Bunny's Sweet Home is a family of over 5k and we are a new and rapidly growing server in a urgent need for staff.

Evenfall Paradise | Emotes♡Social Evenfall Paradise | Emotes♡Social Helpers 11130
Looking for helpers

Looking to add some more staff to the team in my server!!! I'm mostly looking for staff in Europe or Asia to cover times where American staff members aren't on.

the King of spades the King of spades Helpers 10
Hey I need staff to improve my surver

Hi we need some helpers so come and join to help us out around I if you want I can help around you surver to

Discord→DEV Discord→DEV Helpers 14
mensen die redelijk veel online zijn

in deze server praten wij over onze servers en voor fun echter kan jij hier ook servers kopen (als je wil dan) eng --> in this server we talk about our servers and for fun, but you can als

Halloschit [GS] Halloschit [GS] Helpers 73
Надо хелперы!

Гангста Щит - сервер по геймингу, с дружелюбным комьюнити.


We can use anyone who is willing to share their knowledge with us. We are nearly 300 members and a tight knit team of professional people from all over the world.

team of staff to help build a new server

I have just started a new server and need to get a small team of 8-9 people to help build up the server, add bots, create channels, finish self roles, etc.

D£BANDTION 废话 D£BANDTION 废话 Helpers 337
D£BANDTION 废话 Is hiring!

Our sever is filled with 6 sections of matching icons and gifs. We need uploaders to post matching icons and gifs in our 6 sections! We need partner managers to partner with other severs! BTW: this is not a paid job!

lolcery advertising lolcery advertising Helpers 41

Lolcery advertisements is looking for staff! You will be advertising our server to other servers. No hard quota as of now i just ask that you put in some effort

ㄔGalaxyㄔ ㄔGalaxyㄔ Helpers 80
Looking for server staff

ㄔGalaxyㄔ Galaxy is a chill hangout zone where you can make friends, listen to music,play games and just be yourself this server is for anyone and everyone who is above the age of 16+

- class #rvpm - class #rvpm Helpers 41
therpay staff needed

looking for people who are good with talking to others and helping

Comfy Cauldron Comfy Cauldron Helpers 37
Staff Members for Art Server

One to three staff positions, to assist with a small server. Duties needed include. ✧ Event Management ✧ Advertising Manager ✧ Light Moderating with once a day posting.