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ChillZone | Social • Egirls • Gaming • Fun • Emotes & Emojis • Anime • Nitro ChillZone | Social • Egirls • Gaming • Fun • Emotes & Emojis • Anime • Nitro Helpers 377849
Looking for Staff!

ChillZone is always looking for active staff in many different positions! We are in the market for Bot Commanders, Bot Developers, Moderators, Administrators, and so many more! Look in our #become-staff channel to learn more.

Nexus Nexus Helpers 24
mensen die redelijk veel online zijn

in deze server praten wij over onze servers en voor fun echter kan jij hier ook servers kopen (als je wil dan) eng --> in this server we talk about our servers and for fun, but you can als

🌸・The Little Mix  | E-Girls・Social・Anime・Gaming・Emotes・K-Dramas・K-Pop・LGBTQ・Make friends・Music 🌸・The Little Mix | E-Girls・Social・Anime・Gaming・Emotes・K-Dramas・K-Pop・LGBTQ・Make friends・Music Helpers 65324
Smart, Active, patient, friendly

We need high educated staff for 47k fast growing sfw 13+ server. You have to be active everyday and keep chats safe for at least 3 hours and have 1k Message every week.

D£BANDTION 废话 D£BANDTION 废话 Helpers 696
D£BANDTION 废话 Is hiring!

Our sever is filled with 6 sections of matching icons and gifs. We need uploaders to post matching icons and gifs in our 6 sections! We need partner managers to partner with other severs! BTW: this is not a paid job!

Valestreal Valestreal Helpers 153
Roleplay Manager + Helpers Needed!

We a restarting our Exclusive Community Roleplays and need assistance managing and maintaining them.

HomeBase HomeBase Helpers 49
Looking for Helpers

We are HomeBase! A place for developers, designers and server owners to come together in hopes of helping eachother through collaborations, feedback, showcasing, promotion and more!

Evenfall Paradise┋ 16+ • Anime • Emotes Evenfall Paradise┋ 16+ • Anime • Emotes Helpers 17136
Looking for helpers

Looking to add some more staff to the team in my server!!! I'm mostly looking for staff in Europe or Asia to cover times where American staff members aren't on.

Zonesters Zonesters Helpers 35
Junior Server Guard

You will be helping moderators with simple tasks and flagging any rule breakers. This is basically being a moderator but without all the powers.

𝗡𝗦𝗙𝗪 𝗛𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗻 | 18+ 𝗡𝗦𝗙𝗪 𝗛𝗮𝘃𝗲𝗻 | 18+ Helpers 1694
NSFW Haven Staff Searching!!

Heyaa!! So.. we are looking for responsible staffs in this server yes, we need some responsible staffs and can obey rules.

Pool gang discord Pool gang discord Helpers 8
Need helpers

I am looking for helpers for my new discord and I could be you

Brothers In Arms Brothers In Arms Helpers 32
Looking for staff to help us improve

The role that all our new members start. Your job is simple. - Invite people to the server. - Make sure that the server members are following the Discord ToS and BIA Rules. - Answer to questions that the members have.

Bxino Bxino Helpers 118
Hi, Iam Looking For A Staff Members

We have a lovely community whether you play and bots that suit everyone,

atlas' basement atlas' basement Helpers 48
Hiring STAFF!

Looking for individuals who can actively moderate discord server, help answer community questions and assist in other team duties.

Comfy Cauldron Comfy Cauldron Helpers 40
Staff Members for Art Server

One to three staff positions, to assist with a small server. Duties needed include. ✧ Event Management ✧ Advertising Manager ✧ Light Moderating with once a day posting.

✞Christian rights Community✞ ✞Christian rights Community✞ Helpers 22
Hi we need staff members Come join us :D

Hi, we need staff members Come join us :D Please don't leave we support every religion And we are nice please join and staff we need helpers :D

Anime/Game/Manga roleplay actors

If you are familiar with multiple types of video games, manga and anime and their characters, we need your help! We run a server where you are able to talk to your favorite characters from those categories and are looking for actors!

Amuserend hok 🌚 Amuserend hok 🌚 Helpers 119
Staff gezocht

Momenteel Hok helpers gezocht, join de server voor meer informatie. In de "Long Description" staat meer info over de rol Hok helper en de regels als staff.

Anime Region Anime Region Helpers 167
LF staff mod, can do events and more

We are having a event on saturday, febuary 19. Need helpers, must have experience.