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Other staff positions

UpSkill UpSkill Other 225 Other 225
UpSkill Video Editor

Video Editor will manage the editing of all recorded educational videos in order for Social Media publishing.

777™ 777™ Other 188 Other 188
Staff Hiring / Community Developers /

I am looking for fun and active staff to monitor and develop my server - DarkWrld, it is a hub of content creators, chill people with a variety of niches and a lot of collaboration and promotion available for everyone to express /

Fandom Everything Fandom Everything Other 487 Other 487
Staff Member

Staff members are required to do multiple things not just one thing at a time. More will be discussed in the server.

PonyTown Party PonyTown Party Other 90 Other 90
Staff Member

Staff members do more than just one thing each we need staff members who could do a little bit of everything. Details will be discussed in the server.

✿♡ nostalgic roses ♡✿ ✿♡ nostalgic roses ♡✿ Other 55 Other 55
Looking for Stage Moderators!

Paid or free — you're choice A cute, aesthetic & simple server with a variety of things ranging from tickets - fun ARs with Mimu! We have an understanding & kind staff committee.

[EVENT ☀] Gaming Community Lounge [EVENT ☀] Gaming Community Lounge Other 57 Other 57
News reporter

This is a gaming and community server. The main focus is gaming but it has literally anything you can think of

Fun studios Fun studios Other 14 Other 14
Fun studios! Job form!

We have forms, so you can apply to be whatever you want and have any job, you want! We are only doing free jobs (at the moment) We are in need of many different things, like a community, and staff. (Please also read the long description)

The Void Seeking all positions

The Void is a thriving community dedicated to be an open and inclusive community welcoming anyone regardless of gender or religion or race. We're on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our stellar team and contribute to our team

🌐ꜱʜɪɴꜱᴇɪɴᴀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🌐| Social • Chill • Roleplay • Fantasy • Official 🌐ꜱʜɪɴꜱᴇɪɴᴀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🌐| Social • Chill • Roleplay • Fantasy • Official Other 3686 Other 3686
Looking for different positions to fill!

My server is a fantasy-themed Roleplay that is open-world with in-depth lore and information, and we are currently looking for more mod positions to be filled. Please help us out if you can and want to! Below is a list of positions:

Souper Network v2 Souper Network v2 Other 48 Other 48
Job Announcements

__**[Souper Network]**__ is currently seeking talented individuals to join our team! We're looking for motivated and passionate individuals who are eager to learn and grow with us.

Välk Välk Other 57 Other 57
Staff needed!

Staff needed (If you can't find the channel or haven't joined yet): - Moderators - Administrators - Application Managers (AM) - Event Managers (EM) - (More may be added)

King's Row Pub King's Row Pub Other 284 Other 284
Gaming Community LF Staff

KRP is a gaming discord that is looking to grow in the online community.

Busty Brothel 💋 Busty Brothel 💋 Other 489 Other 489
18+ Looking to fill new adult community

༻❁༺ Looking to expand an adult community server for content creators. Hoping to earn revenue to expand, while automating most of the process. Need multiple positions filled.

Cambridge-Isanti School District Cambridge-Isanti School District Other 67 Other 67

In order to be employed here you must join our Discord server and Roblox group. You then may go to discord and go under employment and click the google form or go to www.c-isd911.org and go to about --> employment-->

BoostCord BoostCord Other 7208 Other 7208
Editorial Team - Designer, Writer

BoostCord is one of the largest servers for Discord Owners + Mods to connect and find resources. We are looking for designers and writers to join our editorial team to create detailed guides, templates and graphics to offer the community.

Helluva Hazbin Helluva Hazbin Other 406 Other 406
Staff Member

Staff members are required to do multiple things not just one thing at a time. More will be discussed in the server.

Multiverse of Mangos Advertising (MoM Ads) Multiverse of Mangos Advertising (MoM Ads) Other 98 Other 98
MoM Advertising are looking for HRs!

Want to be staff in a new advertising server? Come join the MoM Advertising staff team and human resources department! We are welcoming and fun, and we are not that strict. You would be given everything you need to know.

Domhan Gra -  The New Beginning Domhan Gra - The New Beginning Other 52 Other 52
Script writer for lore Readings

{no payments} Looking for Script Writer write good few pages of lore from point view of NPC. Help build a picture of the world n our website Lore already on website so just need rewrite from point of view of npc. fun pasttime project

Domhan Gra -  The New Beginning Domhan Gra - The New Beginning Other 52 Other 52
Audio editor - animals noises

{no payments} Looking for someone skill with edit sound and making sounds Help build a picture of the world in our website. Making animals sounds fun pasttime project

The Fandoms Collide The Fandoms Collide Other 29 Other 29
The Fandoms Collide is in need of staff!

The Fandoms Collide is now hiring! Positions: Advertising manager Partnership manager Moderator Server manager (makes the chat active and gets people to join) Requirements: 13+ Be active on the server Do your work Follow tos

-DELETED- -DELETED- Other 38 Other 38
Looking for delivery and cook staff

If you want to work at this server please join this server and dm one of the owners. You will get a quiz so we know that we can trust you, if you pass, you will pass. If not then not😬 Hope you want to be staff at this server<33

Los Angeles Emergency Roleplay© | Interview Server Los Angeles Emergency Roleplay© | Interview Server Other 56 Other 56
Interviewers Required

Server looking for experienced interviewers with at least a year experience as an interviewer in a roleplay server PS4, Xbox or FiveM

Degenerates Degenerates Other 37 Other 37
Looking for anyone who wants to help

My server is very new and pretty bare. anything helps.

IMVUGO IMVUGO Other 85 Other 85

Founder/Creator/Owner of IMVUGO Server. place for community to be able to socialize with each other

⚠️GCW Cerca Staff⚠️

Siamo in cerca di staff di qualunque tipo: • Helper • Moderatore • Admin • Gestore Eventi • Reclutatore • Gestore Partnership

Nieuws Redacteur

Lever jij graag een bijdrage aan het delen van het belangrijkste nieuws, en ben jij een topper in het schrijven van nieuwsberichten? Solliciteer dan nu naar de functie van Redacteur!

Aimnice123 Server Aimnice123 Server Other 25 Other 25
Mods and Admins


Meer Vacatures?

Zoek jij meer vacatures van ons? Bezoek onze website cmfm.nl/vacatures voor alle vacatures!

Radio DeeJay

Zit muziek in jouw bloed en heb jij het entertainen van een publiek in jouw DNA? Solliciteer dan nu naar de functie van Deejay! Heb je geen kennis in het DJ vak? Geen probleem! Wij zorgen voor jou dat je dit kan met onze opleiding.


What is a discord staff list?

A discord staff list provides you with a vast variety of discord servers that are looking for staff for their server.

What are discord staff?

Discord staff members are people who moderate and administrate a discord server. Every server has their own set of moderators and adminstrators.

How do i search for discord staff?

You can search for discord staff by using the search function, or by clicking a category that interests you.