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Partner Managers staff positions

Speakers Corner Speakers Corner Partner Managers 888 Partner Managers 888
Looking for Ad/Partner Manager For SC!!!

Join us at Speaker Corner! We're seeking a Partner Manager to connect with multiple servers & expand our reach. If you excel in advertising & can enhance our debate-driven community, we're eager to utilize your full potential in a easy way!

Scott Pilgrim vs. My world Scott Pilgrim vs. My world Partner Managers 132 Partner Managers 132
Looking for pms!

Looking for pms to help the server grow! we have about 100+ people and 4 mods

THE ZONE | Social • Gaming • Events • Chill • THE ZONE | Social • Gaming • Events • Chill • Partner Managers 2443 Partner Managers 2443

Looking for super active Partner Manager to help us take grow our community! We are growing super fast every day and need you to help us ! Interested? Please send a dm.

Advertising Network Advertising Network Partner Managers 4094 Partner Managers 4094
Looking For Partner Managers (4k Server)

Partner Manager for a 4k Advertising Server; 1 month prior experience required.

Saeko Saeko Partner Managers 106 Partner Managers 106
looking 4 partner managers & advertisers

Join our diverse Discord community for endless entertainment! Dive into anime, art, gaming, and movies in a safe, welcoming space. Connect, share, and have fun with us!

Promote Your Boat! Promote Your Boat! Partner Managers 6847 Partner Managers 6847
Looking For Partner Managers (7k Server)

We are looking for partner managers for this 7k+ advertising server! Must have prior experience before applying.

The Regime. 🗿 The Regime. 🗿 Partner Managers 230 Partner Managers 230
Partnership Managers

Partnership Managers are responsible for searching for servers that are willing to partner with Regime Cream

E-SOCIAL | Social Active • Friends • Non Dating• Egirls • Pfps • Anime• Chill •Emots • Hangout E-SOCIAL | Social Active • Friends • Non Dating• Egirls • Pfps • Anime• Chill •Emots • Hangout Partner Managers 10912 Partner Managers 10912

Welcome to Esocial I need active member and partnership

Friend Paradise Friend Paradise Partner Managers 407 Partner Managers 407

Violent space gang a place for friends, chatting, and gaming enthusiasts to connect, have fun, listening music, posting memes and enjoy epic adventures together!

Safe Space🚀 | Social・Gaming・Fun Safe Space🚀 | Social・Gaming・Fun Partner Managers 374 Partner Managers 374
Partner Managers

About Us: ───・100+ members. ──・Partner advertising channel. ─・Friendly staff and community. ──・You can partner every 5 days. ───・Much much more come check us out.

🌺The Vent Project™ │ •Social  •Chill  •Nitro  •Emotes 🌺The Vent Project™ │ •Social •Chill •Nitro •Emotes Partner Managers 54 Partner Managers 54
Looking for PM's

The Vent Project is a server dedicated to helping you find friends and support during rough times.

Overtrading Overtrading Partner Managers 271 Partner Managers 271
Partner Manager and PR Offer

• OVERTRADING is hiring staff • Our server needs: ◈ Community managers ◈ Chief Growth Officer (🌱) ◈ Partnership Officer ◈ Moderator

EndEver Records EndEver Records Partner Managers 4551 Partner Managers 4551
Looking for Co-Manager

Contact me "Futo". Join us as a Partner Manager for our music-focused Discord server. Expand our network, forge alliances with musicians, labels, and platforms, and drive collaborative growth. Apply now to shape the future of our community

Shady’s Specialty Shady’s Specialty Partner Managers 269 Partner Managers 269
Looking for staff! 16+

Welcome to Shady Angels Want a gaming, and community server? Then this is the server for you! This is a server where you can make new friends, play games, and complete server challenges. We give rewards for the number of messages.

Fantasy Gaming Fantasy Gaming Partner Managers 323 Partner Managers 323
Partnership Manager

Become part of our partnership management team, and seek out partners in all places on Discord & the internet

𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖔 💎 | 𝖌𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌 ⋄ 𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒𝖊 ⋄ 𝖈𝖍𝖑𝖑𝖑 ⋄ 𝖎𝖈𝖔𝖓 𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖔 💎 | 𝖌𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌 ⋄ 𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒𝖊 ⋄ 𝖈𝖍𝖑𝖑𝖑 ⋄ 𝖎𝖈𝖔𝖓 Partner Managers 1478 Partner Managers 1478
Partnership Manager

This is a community where you can play games, talk about your day, share memes and spread positivity! All are welcome <3

🍯・Reyten Corporation ・ Advertising ・ Free Nitro 🍯・Reyten Corporation ・ Advertising ・ Free Nitro Partner Managers 179 Partner Managers 179
Looking for staff / partnership managers

Welcome to Reyten Corporation, we are currently looking for staff! Contact us if you want to join us in the journey of becoming one of the biggest discord advertising servers ever!

Heavens Altar Heavens Altar Partner Managers 65 Partner Managers 65
Partner managers needed

Lively anime/manga/gaming community where people all around come together have fun, debate, play games, enter giveaways and enjoy fun events

GAMERSXP ecosystem GAMERSXP ecosystem Partner Managers 6299 Partner Managers 6299
Community Growth Officer

🕹We help Gamers to make a living out of playing the games they ❤️ to play...🕹

Discord Growth Portal | Advertise & Grow! Discord Growth Portal | Advertise & Grow! Partner Managers 12146 Partner Managers 12146
DGP (9.5k) is looking for PMs! (Read)

We're looking for PMs! Perks of being a PM in DGP include! - Get paid or work free - Join staff-exclusive Nitro giveaways - Become part of a chill community We track invites via Yagpdb! Message our DGP Utilities bot to get started!

HEIL JESUS CHRISTUS HEIL JESUS CHRISTUS Partner Managers 137 Partner Managers 137
Wir suchen Partner Managers

Wir suchen in unserem Christlichen Discord Partner Managers

Arkana Arkana Partner Managers 1271 Partner Managers 1271
Partnership Managers

We're looking for PMs to help Arkana get a greater reach within Discord!

Federation Of Paxico (DISCONTINUED) Federation Of Paxico (DISCONTINUED) Partner Managers 200 Partner Managers 200
Partnership Manager

The FOP is a 250+ member mock-government server! Which we e do lots of roleplay regarding politics, foreign countries, and in our very own nation! We currently looking for Partnership Managers who be willing to partner our community!

Himbaash Country Himbaash Country Partner Managers 38 Partner Managers 38
I want some partnership manager

Hello Everyone, Welcome to “Gremmar's Community”, a public community server that is still in progress to meet its goals.

Marvel | DC Convergence Marvel | DC Convergence Partner Managers 129 Partner Managers 129
Looking: Dungeon Masters |PartnerManager

A marvel/dc Roleplay server with a dedicated staff and owner!

UA | Advertising UA | Advertising Partner Managers 3146 Partner Managers 3146
We are looking for Partner Managers.

We are Unlimited Advertising, a growing advertising server. Please apply on our discord Server if you're interested in beeing Partner Manager on our Server. As a part of our Staff team you will get access to all Advertising channels.

Elisora ✦﹒decor﹒Icons Elisora ✦﹒decor﹒Icons Partner Managers 1186 Partner Managers 1186
GE is hiring partner managers!

Garden Elisora is hiring new partner managers that are willing to support our community!

family 2.0 ⌗ social family 2.0 ⌗ social Partner Managers 42 Partner Managers 42
looking for pms !

꒦꒷ !! family 2.0 ₊꒷︶ > ‧˚₊ supportive server ୨୧ ૮ ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ა

The AD Café The AD Café Partner Managers 759 Partner Managers 759
The AD Café is Looking for Staff!

The AD Café is a new advertising server with over 50+ channels to offer. 🤝 ↷ Partner Manager 📈 ↷ Advertiser / Marketer

RICERCA STAFF GALTHOR89 RICERCA STAFF GALTHOR89 Partner Managers 4 Partner Managers 4
Gestore Partnership URGENTE

L utente deve fare un minimo di 2 partnership al giorno. La prima settimana conterà come prova e per iniziare a conoscere la community. Contattatemi su discord al account TwinKoala920472#1041 e entrate nel server di ricerca!

💎 Diamond Advertising and Giveaways 💎 Diamond Advertising and Giveaways Partner Managers 256 Partner Managers 256
Partner Manager

hiring pms for Diamond Advertisings!! sfw, and active !! 200+ members multiple chats and perks for pms at least 3 partnerships per week !! take breaks whenever you need but let us know !!

The Solana Founder Club! The Solana Founder Club! Partner Managers 528 Partner Managers 528
NFT related!

Looking for Investors/Founders/Partners/Collaborators More info on Discord server

BluntSlvt *Inactive* BluntSlvt *Inactive* Partner Managers 112 Partner Managers 112
Partner manager

Looking for free/paid pms don’t hesitate to ask just open a ticket

Chekkers Secret Base! Chekkers Secret Base! Partner Managers 124 Partner Managers 124
Looking for Partnership Managers!

*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. *. •.°✵ :・゚✧ :・゚✵ *:・゚✧:・゚✵ :・゚✧:・゚ — Hello person! Welcome to the "Chekk cult" or "Chekk Cult Secret base!"

Backrooms Backrooms Partner Managers 17 Partner Managers 17
Need Partner Managers!

Our server is a community server that does giveaways. We have just hit 100 members! We don't wanna stop growing our discord server so we need PM's

revamp revamp Partner Managers 60 Partner Managers 60
Partner Management

Hello! Our staff team are looking for reliable partner managers to manage partnerships! We are a small, growing community who are currently low on staff. No worries though, because I believe you are the person we were looking for.

oh oh Partner Managers 24 Partner Managers 24
Need help with server

Need help with making server interesting and getting more people to join this is my first time doing this so im bad.

NexusSmurfs NexusSmurfs Partner Managers 98 Partner Managers 98
Looking For A Partner manager

Growing the server together, place for league of legends selling accounts

¤>The District<¤ ¤>The District<¤ Partner Managers 19 Partner Managers 19
Partner Manager

Looking for PM's! Reqs: >Ability to get 5+ per week >No required level (May change as server grows) >No previous bans >Active Member >Join Server and fill out application form (for easy contact)


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