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the kingdom of boredom the kingdom of boredom Server Builders 52 Server Builders 52
Looking for staff

We are a friendly server with a great staff and rules that keep the server in order

scp-site-house scp-site-house Server Builders 6 Server Builders 6
Looking for good server builders

I'm looking for server builders that will add something spicy (lul)

FUCK STUPID NIGGERS FUCK STUPID NIGGERS Server Builders 24 Server Builders 24
Server builder

Need help building my server so people can join more often and my goal is to make this server have more than 9 people in it.

γ€˜Fine Paradise 𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐗〙 γ€˜Fine Paradise 𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐗〙 Server Builders 59 Server Builders 59
Server Builder

A staff worker willing to help rebuild a raided server.

Empire Of LaTz Empire Of LaTz Server Builders 347 Server Builders 347
Server builder

I have a solid foundation for my server, I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re doing, is friendly and non toxic, listens to ideas and helps act on them

wujumon Κšβ™‘Ιž | mini revamp wujumon Κšβ™‘Ιž | mini revamp Server Builders 145 Server Builders 145
paid server builder!

Im sowie#0127 and i like to help people with custom bots roles and bot embeds

Stockpocalypse Stockpocalypse Server Builders 3836 Server Builders 3836
Administrator needed for bot support

We're recently released a portion of our in house bot to the public, and as such we require a new server to handle support for that bot. The bot is called PollBot, and the information about it can be seen here: https://pollbot.xyz.

STAY AND HAVE FUN STAY AND HAVE FUN Server Builders 408 Server Builders 408
Looking For Server Builder !!

Welcome To Stay and Have Fun. I am a Professional Server Designer. I need some members to help me with Customer Purchase. Join My Discord Server and let me know for what position you are applying for.

nomad lounge nomad lounge Server Builders 90 Server Builders 90
Looking for server builders

Looking for server builders You need to have very good ideas what is missing in server πŸ€”

dsu. dsu. Server Builders 844 Server Builders 844
Only 18+ Staff

Looking for server managers, Text me on discord β€” audacity.

Plane community ✈ Plane community ✈ Server Builders 9 Server Builders 9
looking for staff.

A friendly community.Still in progress.Memes, gaming, and more!

Discord Centre Discord Centre Server Builders 39 Server Builders 39
Looking For Server Builder

Welcome To Discord Centre Our Goals to help community to grow and give advice to discord about moderation auto moderation and and to help you to construct staff team ladder. Our Goal to get to 100 members. We will be doing courses & schools

EG Gaming EG Gaming Server Builders 10 Server Builders 10
LF Co-Owner & Dev-Staff

LF Dev-Staff, Admins, PR, and all that kind of stuff to build up an discord on a professional level As for me, I've built up several restaurants so I'm used to growth (healthy as well as unhealthy)

roblox game roblox game Server Builders 5 Server Builders 5
Staff dm me

Server builders Staff pls Dm me on discord Gaming_ido#3917 Dm me

Gaming server Gaming server Server Builders 114 Server Builders 114
Need staff

I need some moderators to help manage my server sadly I can’t pay you money but if it becomes big enough that I’m happy with it I can start paying you. Thank you just join and message me privately to start.