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Davruna Global Store Davruna Global Store Website Developers 1 Website Developers 1
Senior Web Developer

Davruna Global Store is an upcoming E-Commerce store that is soon to be launching at the begging of January 2023. We are currently looking for staff positions to help launch our website. https://davrunaglobal.com

Halo Gamer&Fans Halo Gamer&Fans Website Developers 41 Website Developers 41
Looking for a Website Builder/Developer

That server is made for Halo Gamers whos playing halo. At first as its name says Gamer&Fans. So its basically an fanmade server for halo gamers. And its requires people that knows about halo and knows how to moderate as mod or staff.

Monky Gaming Community Monky Gaming Community Website Developers 502 Website Developers 502
ISO web dev for community website

Developer needed for a multi-game/server and hangout discord's website