Star_Boy Is looking for a Discord Partner Managers job!

  • Star_Boy


  • Partner Managers
  • Discord ID: 927117323335245904

How do i contact?

You must add Star_Boy#8069 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hi, I'm Star_Boy. And I love to do partnerships and I know how to do partnerships with any server. I am sure I can help u a lot


As I tell u I'm Star. I'm friendly as well as a good partner manager. I really know how to do partnerships with any server. I can easily help u to do partnerships with servers. And for inviting me or to work in your server as partner manager my paid is just $1 and if u want me to do any server managing work like arranging server beautifully or whatever it is with partner manager work my paid will be $2. That's all...

Employee skills

I really know very well how to do partnerships with servers. Even I create a server and gain 150 members in 4 days by partnerships only.

Past Employers

I already help with 3-7 servers in my past and old account but some hacker hacked my old account and I lost touch with them.

Current Employers

Right now I am working on 7 servers again. One is mine actually. And they all have done partnerships with many servers because of me

Experience and contact info

My payment is just $1 and if u want me to arrange your server it will cost $2 only. -> My user id Star_Boy#8069 -> Dm me anytime -> 927117323335245904