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Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Partner Managers 868 Partner Managers 868
Looking for PMs and AMs!

We are an 800+ member server focused on general hangout, gaming, and mental health support! We cater to adults only (PMs can be younger) — SFW, no quotas or strict requirements!

Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Other 868 Other 868
Open mental health support tickets!

We are a server with around 800-ish members for adults only offering mental health support! We are looking for more people who enjoy psychology & mental health, to answer one on one support tickets when members open them. :)

Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Crystals (✽´ཫ`✽)♡ Lounge Other 868 Other 868
Looking for staff & uploaders :)

Hi! We are a shop with small town vibes, offering server decor (templates, banners, pfp’s, layouts etc) and are looking for more uploaders and staff! If you are artistic & creative, enjoy sharing cute stuff you found, come join us! <3

ChillZone | Social • Egirls • Active VC • Gaming • Emotes • Call • Voice Chat • Anime • Nitro ChillZone | Social • Egirls • Active VC • Gaming • Emotes • Call • Voice Chat • Anime • Nitro Helpers 532847 Helpers 532847
Looking for Staff!

ChillZone is always looking for active staff in many different positions! We are in the market for Bot Commanders, Bot Developers, Moderators, Administrators, and so many more! Look in our #become-staff channel to learn more.

Speakers Corner Speakers Corner Partner Managers 1245 Partner Managers 1245
Looking for Ad/Partner Manager For SC!!!

Join us at Speaker Corner! We're seeking a Partner Manager to connect with multiple servers & expand our reach. If you excel in advertising & can enhance our debate-driven community, we're eager to utilize your full potential in a easy way!

Comfort Zone | Chill • Social • Chat • Active • Icons • Fun • Emotes & Emojis Comfort Zone | Chill • Social • Chat • Active • Icons • Fun • Emotes & Emojis Moderators 3728 Moderators 3728
Looking for staff!

Looking for super active moderators to help us take grow our community! We are new but growing every day and need you to help us ! Interested? Please dm an owner.

Rainbow Six Siege Mates Rainbow Six Siege Mates Moderators 120737 Moderators 120737
Want to staff for a r6 server? Check us!

If your intrested in modding a server that people likes to call good, dm me WAR LORD#4788 🏆👀

Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Website Developers 1791 Website Developers 1791
Looking for Web Developer (read details)

Seeking a skilled Web Developer proficient in WHMCS and versatile in coding languages. Join our team to innovate and maintain dynamic hosting solutions.

Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Event Manager 1791 Event Manager 1791
Looking for Game Managers

Seeking Game Managers for Destiny 2, MW3, & more at Academy Gaming! Lead game communities, manage staff, and organize exciting events & tournaments.

Academy Gaming Academy Gaming Administrators 1791 Administrators 1791
Looking For Community Manager

Seeking a serious Community Manager for our gaming community! Role involves engaging with members, organizing events, and moderating Discord chats. Strong communication, leadership, and enthusiasm for gaming required.

NetheriteSMP NetheriteSMP Moderators 369 Moderators 369
NetheriteSMP - Hiring In-Game Staff!

NetheriteSMP is hiring for In-Game staff. You'll start as a trainee (Warn/Mute perms in the Discord & In-Game) and work your way up. To apply, you MUST have Minecraft (Bedrock or Java)

NetheriteSMP NetheriteSMP Administrators 369 Administrators 369
NetheriteSMP - Manager

NetheriteSMP is hiring Server Managers! If you know how to run a Minecraft Server and/or a Discord Server effectively, consider applying! You'll need to know how to work well with our existing team, and adapt fast to existing staff rules.

NetheriteSMP NetheriteSMP Advertising Managers 369 Advertising Managers 369
NetheriteSMP - Advertising Manager

NetheriteSMP is hiring an Advertising Manager, to help the server grow! If you apply, you would manage our various advertising ventures (eg: Minecraft Ad Campaigns, Server Listings, Partnerships, etc)

Vorad Community™ Vorad Community™ Moderators 269 Moderators 269
Looking for basic moderators

Vorad Gaming Community, we are looking for staff for moderators. Requirements: -Must be 17+ -Active in voice channels & text channels -Handle basic tasks -Perform well

PheoniX Mental Health and Addiction Support Server PheoniX Mental Health and Addiction Support Server Moderators 196 Moderators 196
Volunteer Staff with References

I built this server in response to Canada's Crisis in mental health and the high death tolls amongst youth in our provinces.

Worldwide Worldwide Moderators 43465 Moderators 43465
Staff / Moderators

⭐ Join the best community on discord 💎 with the most addicting, welcoming ❤️ friendly environment & chats 💬 for people from all over the world 🌍 searching for a positive place 🌸 to make friends!

EndEver Records EndEver Records Partner Managers 4662 Partner Managers 4662
Looking for Co-Manager

Contact me "Futo". Join us as a Partner Manager for our music-focused Discord server. Expand our network, forge alliances with musicians, labels, and platforms, and drive collaborative growth. Apply now to shape the future of our community

EndEver Records EndEver Records Administrators 4662 Administrators 4662
Looking for Administrators (Non Profit)

Started up a non profit organization to help indie artists like myself promote their music. I want to grow a community that can apply to be a discoverable server. Contact me "Futo" on discord

FARXWAY Homeland FARXWAY Homeland Helpers 836 Helpers 836
Mod Needed

In need a couple helpers who are willing to stay active in server welcoming people when they join and bumping the server every 2 hours. This server is about music production and gaming!

💫 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙥𝙖𝙘𝙚 💫 💫 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡𝙮 𝙜𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨𝙥𝙖𝙘𝙚 💫 Moderators 387 Moderators 387

Welcome to The Girly Game-Space, the ultimate ALL GIRL 18+ gaming and streaming server! Finally, a place where girls can come together and dominate the virtual battlefield. We are a vibrant community of talented and fun gamers.

The Blend The Blend Helpers 621 Helpers 621
Looking for welcome staff

I am looking for some people to be apart of the welcome staff.


What is a discord staff list?

A discord staff list provides you with a vast variety of discord servers that are looking for staff for their server.

What are discord staff?

Discord staff members are people who moderate and administrate a discord server. Every server has their own set of moderators and adminstrators.

How do i search for discord staff?

You can search for discord staff by using the search function, or by clicking a category that interests you.