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Girls Only Discord Server Girls Only Discord Server Community 272 Community 272
Overwatch Fortnite Bg3 Apex legends Girls only Community Social Active
15+ Girls Only Discord Server

^ ~ All info to partner can be found in the server.

15+ ~ 100+ real members ~ Visible partner channel.

The Unordinary The Unordinary Community 836 Community 836
Chill Social Over 21 Friends Friendly Chatting Hobbies Safe Comfortable Cozy
Creating server just for owners

Have an invite only server for owners so we can discuss advertising, moderating, server tips and just the things you can't really talk about with other people. Send me a message to join - username is kid.ike

Server Owners only

The Twisted Tavern The Twisted Tavern Gaming 462 Gaming 462
Nintendo Pokemon Showdown Poketwo Hangout Giveaways Community Trading Battling Bots
The Twisted Tavern

We are intended to be a relaxed hangout for any kind of gamer. Rather you are new, experienced, young or old! Our members are very active & fun, & the staff are helpful!

200+ members 2+ Months old Relaxed Active

Ilerio graphisme [Free] Ilerio graphisme [Free] Other 817 Other 817
Graphisme Free Gratuit Actif Communauté OUVERT Ilerio CDI Montage Français
échange publicitaire

Un échange publicitaire a double interrêt, on utilise une mention qui mention +100 personnes, même pour des serveurs 3 membres, on est ouvert a tout partenariat.

- Minimum 3 membres.

📽Photography📹 📽Photography📹 Other 853 Other 853
Photography Videography Art Nature Photo
Looking for SFW and professional partner

I've been looking to partner with servers that enforce their rules, including following Discord TOS and no NSFW/racial slurs.

300 members - Regular 850 members - Official

.The Academy . .The Academy . Community 113 Community 113
Valornt Overwatch E girls Music Chill Nitro Gaming Anime Winter Aesthetic
Looking for partners!

We are looking for partners to do events with and to just partner dm me!

20+ members lgbtq friendly No full tox

The Asylum The Asylum Community 1002 Community 1002
Adhd Depression Anxiety Mentalhealth Shitpost Autism Schizophrenia Chill Medication Psychology
The Asylum server

The Asylum server is a super relaxed mental health adjacent server. We have an active community and the environment fosters a relaxed but caring environment. 

Lgbt friendly, not NSFW focused, no dating servers

𝔸𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤 𝕧𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕝 𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕓 𝔸𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣 𝕙𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤 𝕧𝕚𝕣𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕝 𝕔𝕝𝕦𝕓 Gaming 326 Gaming 326
VRChat 18plus Gaming Anime Events
Vr chat server looking for a partner

We are an active vr chat server looking for some partnerships we do weekly events!

MUST BE +18 Preferred no NSFW Joint events

The Language Abyss The Language Abyss Language 1329 Language 1329
Languages Culture Study Community International
Rare/Minority Language Partners

"The Language Abyss" is a language learning server with the goal of bringing people from all around the world together to help them make friends, create bonds and learn languages all at the same time!

- rare/minority language server

Mindset Community Mindset Community Community 1929 Community 1929
Community Business Trading Crypto Dropshipping Fitness Gym Health Mental health Positivity
Ignite Your Potential Today! 🔥🚀

🌟 Unlock success in the Mindset Community! Elevate marketing, fitness, and spirituality. Network with pros, master trading, and shape your destiny. Join now! 💡🚀

Partner Requirements: Passion, Respect, Growth

★ ★ 💣Ognisty Discord💣 ★ ★ 💣Ognisty Discord💣 Gaming 2043 Gaming 2043
Gaming Community Friends Streaming CSGO
Pykamy.PL Rozegrajmy to wspólnie Discord od graczy dla graczy Koniecznie dołącz do nas

Szukamy partnerów 400+ osób na serwerze

Japanese Academy Japanese Academy Education 37447 Education 37447
Japanese Language Learning Japan Education
Partnering with other Language servers!

Japanese Academy is Discord Partnered server with over 8,000 members and we actively run fun events such as gaming, karaoke, or movie nights. We have free live Japanese classes that anyone can join and hope to have more!

Any Language Server No NSFW Must have mod team

【UNTAMED AXIS】 【UNTAMED AXIS】 Gaming 2251 Gaming 2251
Gaming Streaming Giveaways LIVE Memes Bots Twitch Kick Tiktok Advertise

We are accepting and looking for partnerships. Submit a ticket on our discord server if interested.

Must have a partners related channel.

EndEver Records EndEver Records Content Creators 4496 Content Creators 4496
Music Community Social SelfPromotion Beats Giveaways Promote Record Label Musicians Artists
Looking For discord partners ad 4 ad

Just looking to partner with another discord. We have a partner channel for advertising Music Groups.

Invite in partner channel advertised in your serve

aurora | gws・social・vc・active aurora | gws・social・vc・active Community 764 Community 764
Gaming Vcs Chill Fun Exciting Active Stox Sfw Social Emojis
Looking for other growing servers

Looking for other servers to partner with social haven is an anime/chill based server for now

Must have 125+ members to partner

Paradise Paradise Community 252 Community 252
LGBTQ Gamers Community Everyone Apex Valorant Overwatch MovieNights Partygames Reading
Server Partners

HI! We looking for like minded servers to broaden our community!

-Have no issues with LGBTQ -SFW Server

The Gaming Hub The Gaming Hub Gaming 370 Gaming 370
Staff Crew Partnerships Apply Jobs
Partners Required* (NO REQUIRMENTS)

We can talk more in detail about what we're going to promote and/or work build together when you join the server.


Ripley's Den Ripley's Den Community 67 Community 67
Social Fun Gaming Chat Chill Voice chat Minecraft EMOJI Active
Looking to partner with other servers!

A server that welcomes all gamers (or non gamers) and has something for everyone! Come join us!

Active, SFW, 25+ members (members > bots)

FREE ADVERTISEMENT® FREE ADVERTISEMENT® Advertising 22770 Advertising 22770
Growth Advertising Community Advertisement Promotion
FA Looking for Partnes

1. Your server must have more than 1 human members. 2. Your server must follow Discord's Terms of Service. 3. Your server must have a visible partnership channel.

Follow Discord ToS

Social Club (Talk To A Stranger) Social Club (Talk To A Stranger) Community 10472 Community 10472
Anime Politics Gaming Friendly Esports
Looking for mature Gen Z communities

Gen Z Central is a friendly, diverse and inclusive hangout community with members from all over the globe where you can meet new people!

Minimum 300 members, active and civil.

CryptoPulse 🚀 CryptoPulse 🚀 Business 1602 Business 1602
Crypto WWG Permabear Chroma CryptoKen
Partner for CRYPTO channel

follow the best traders of the moment, (rose margin, fat pig, binance killer, russian insiders reektproof, and many others). Double your investment within a week. crazy result🚀



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