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© CANNED POPCORN © CANNED POPCORN Community 124 Community 124
Gaming Anime Editing Community Giveaways
Looking for partenerships

requirements: - min 150 members - no excessive pings on your server - at least 20 messages per day - no nsfw content or illegal uploads on the server.

Min 100 members Min 30 messages per day

★ ★ ★ ★ Gaming 1083 Gaming 1083
Gaming Community
Pykamy.PL Rozegrajmy to wspólnie Discord od graczy dla graczy Koniecznie dołącz do nas

Szukamy partnerów 400+ osób na serwerze

Flash Advertising Flash Advertising Advertising 426 Advertising 426
Advertising Community Promote Grow Instagram
10+ Members - Rep Needed

Flash Advertising is an Advertising and community server where you can promote, grow, and win giveaways. You can grow your Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Discord Server, Snapchat, twitter, and more.

10+ Members Rep Needed Not be Blacklisted

Regression Rainbow Regression Rainbow Community 363 Community 363
Sfw Agere Regression Littlespace Ageregression
Looking to partner with agere servers

Our age regression server is growing rapidly! We are looking to partner with other age regression servers for cross-promotion!

age regression server with partnership channel

Anime Universe Anime Universe Anime/Manga 1293 Anime/Manga 1293
Anime Art Gaming Events Non-Toxic
Anime Universe

Looking for partnerships! No member requirement! Partner with us and grow your community!

No public facing NSFW

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*strawberry dreamland *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*strawberry dreamland *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Anime/Manga 35 Anime/Manga 35
Anime Kawaii Cute Aesthetic Fun
looking for partners for my server!

welcome 2 strawberry dreamland! this is a sfw kawaii community where u can chat with people, game, and more! please keep everything lighthearted and respect everybody. if u cannot follow the rules, it can result in a ban

partner needs to be an sfw server.

Empire Of LaTz Empire Of LaTz Community 297 Community 297
Community Gaming Giveaways Memes Non Toxic
Partners Wanted

Looking for partners to expand my server, and help each other along the way ,

30+ members Non Toxic an Friendly

GameSwipers GameSwipers Gaming 106 Gaming 106
Ita Gaming Community Console
Gaming Server

Server di Gaming dove trovare altri giocatori e giocare multiplayer facilmente. Canali vocali sempre liberi ed Eventi organizzati regolarmente

Nessun contenuto nsfw/18+, per il resto va bene tu

s - a n c t u a r y  | 18+ s - a n c t u a r y | 18+ Community 2640 Community 2640
Lgbt Anime Social Community 18plus
Looking for partners!

This is a horror themed 18+ SFW social server for people of all walks of life to come together. We are working hard to build a community, make connections with each other, and to enjoy some fun events in this crazy world

- 18 + - SFW

North Texas Railroad Productions North Texas Railroad Productions Content Creators 24 Content Creators 24
TrainHunting YouTubbing RailfanTalk Railfanning
We are looking for another railfan

We want another railfanning community to help one on other grow

-Railfan -Has yt -Kid friendly

Anime Knightz Anime Knightz Anime/Manga 1217 Anime/Manga 1217
Anime Gaming Chill Social Partnerships
In Need Of Partners

If youre looking to partner your server with us then all you have to do is ask a mod or partnership manager for help or ping KingAnubyss if he's online.

- no homophobia - no racism

The Game Show ™ The Game Show ™ Community 108 Community 108
Recroom Community Fun Bots Giveaways
Looking for any non-nsfw partners!

the official server to hang out for the Game show a rec room game featuring a bunch of minigames! Great community, has everything you would expect from a large community server!

-Not be NFSW -13+ -20+ members

AshesCafe AshesCafe Community 163 Community 163
Community Friendly Supporting
Server Partnership

I'm Rose, the owner of this server, and I'd like to partner with you.

Must be friendly, at least 30 members, semiactive

🌹 Azzy & Luna's 🌹 🌹 Azzy & Luna's 🌹 Gaming 29 Gaming 29
NSFW Gaming Furry Community Creator
Fur Haven is looking for Partners!

Fur Haven A furry Gaming Community About us We only hope to create a community that feels safe, nurtured, and respected. You'll find many folks on this server.

Minimum 10 members Moderated, Secured Server.

Study Buddies Study Buddies Education 303 Education 303
Focus Productivity Forest JEE NEET
Non-toxic Servers (SFW only)

A community of people who study and grow together. Motivate each other to work hard and achieve our dreams. Study/work together and be accountable during study sessions. Have fun and play games with others during breaks.

10+ members; no ping4ping, rep4rep or join4join.

Aderiku Studio Aderiku Studio Community 147 Community 147
Community Partnership Sfw Friendly Anime

non-toxic safe & involved anime, manhwa, manga & kpop friendly

no min member reuirements visible partner channel

Aimnice123 Server Aimnice123 Server Gaming 24 Gaming 24
Chat YouTube Mod Apps Spanishchat My Own Bot
I'm looking for a over 1k member partner


1k+ Members Not NSFW

Jadn's Dungeon Jadn's Dungeon Gaming 32 Gaming 32
Gaming Chill Community
Looking for partners

We focus on creating a fun, supportive and active community for everyone to enjoy.

Have at least 100-150 memebers.

✞Christian rights Community✞ ✞Christian rights Community✞ Other 21 Other 21
Christian God Religious Religion Christ
Hi, we need Partners Come join us :D

We really need partners we support every religion too hope you have fun here please don't leave and please be nice and don't bully here Thanks :D

Must have 2 humans

Open Debates Open Debates Community 2299 Community 2299
Debate Debates Social Politics Debating
Discord Partnered Debate Server

We are looking for quality servers to partner with in the niche of social, hangout, chill, politics or debate.

- 200 Members - Follows ToS and Guidelines

Community Giveaway Fun Social Gaming
Gaming Servers

Hey there and welcome to Funzie! We are the home of passionate gamers who enjoy playing games at school and work. So why not join now?

Must have a min of 100 members

The Northern Republic The Northern Republic Gaming 30 Gaming 30
Dayz Chill Clan Recruitment
looking for partners!

▬▬▬▬The Northern Republic▬▬▬▬ -A chill community -Democratically elected government -a group to play dayz with ▬▬▬▬▬▬Join Today!▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

-safe community -gaming or political server

𝙰̷𝚖̷𝚊̷𝚛̷𝚒̷𝚜̷ & 𝙸̷𝚕̷𝚊̷𝚢̷𝚍̷𝚊̷'𝚜̷ 𝙲̷𝚢̷𝚋̷𝚎̷𝚛̷𝚜̷𝚌̷𝚊̷𝚙̷𝚎̷ 𝙰̷𝚖̷𝚊̷𝚛̷𝚒̷𝚜̷ & 𝙸̷𝚕̷𝚊̷𝚢̷𝚍̷𝚊̷'𝚜̷ 𝙲̷𝚢̷𝚋̷𝚎̷𝚛̷𝚜̷𝚌̷𝚊̷𝚙̷𝚎̷ Community 42 Community 42
VRChat Gaming Friendly LGBTQ Active
Looking for partners!

Welcome to Amaris and Ilayda's Cyberscape! This server was made for anyone who wants to game or make friends to chill with in vcs! Our server is a gaming community, therefore your server has to do with gaming!

Requirements written in long description.

threat ☆ threat ☆ Community 4583 Community 4583
Pfps Giveaways Pfp Egirls NSFW
Looking for partners!

Looking for partners with other E-Girl / Pfp servers

Must have min 100 members, Same niche

Greedy Advertising • Nitro Giveaways Greedy Advertising • Nitro Giveaways Advertising 117 Advertising 117
Advertising Fun Nitro Giveaways Community
Greedy Advertising Partnership

Do you like advertising and seeing how **YOUR SERVER GROW??** > We give the best advertising channels for you to grow your server, come join us to start

Any Server Can Grow With Us!

✨𝒜𝓃𝒾𝓂𝑒 𝒞𝑜𝓇𝓅✨ ✨𝒜𝓃𝒾𝓂𝑒 𝒞𝑜𝓇𝓅✨ Anime/Manga 15 Anime/Manga 15
Anime Weeb Community Fun Economy

Partnership Requirements -------------------------------- We do not really care about it so no rules

There are no rules about partnerships

queer cats  🌈 🐈 queer cats 🌈 🐈 Community 113 Community 113
LGBTQ Fun Queer Cat Friendly
Friendly queer server.

Must be LGBTQ+ friendly Must have 10+ members No j4j Not a hate server and sfw

Must be LGBTQ+ friendly Must have 10+ members

The Political Hub The Political Hub Community 247 Community 247
Political Republican Liberal Conservative Debate
The Political Hub

__**The Political Hub**__ The Political Hub is a strictly Moderated Political server that is all about Politics. The servers objects is too have members have peaceful debates about each other’s belief.

-Must be political related server.

the kingdom of boredom the kingdom of boredom Community 54 Community 54
Anime/manga Minecraft Community
Looking for a responsible partner

We are a friendly server with a great staff and rules that keep the server in order

60+members, active, respectful

ʚ🍡ɞ₊cotton candy club‧₊˚⤾ | decor ʚ🍡ɞ₊cotton candy club‧₊˚⤾ | decor Community 191 Community 191
Decor Games Fun Entertainment Helping
Looking for staff members of all kind

We are mainly looking for event manager and partnership manager. We are also welcoming advertising manager so plz help ous out and join us!

Daily 5 partner server with proof

🌐ꜱʜɪɴꜱᴇɪɴᴀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🌐 | Social • Chill • Roleplay • Fantasy • 🌐ꜱʜɪɴꜱᴇɪɴᴀ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🌐 | Social • Chill • Roleplay • Fantasy • Roleplay 3315 Roleplay 3315
Roleplay Fantasy Original Anime Community
Looking to partner with anyone!

Looking for partners for my roleplay server, read the long description to know more!

15+ Humans. Non-Toxic Server.

Super Island | Giveaways • Social Super Island | Giveaways • Social Community 322 Community 322
Modmail Events Active Giveaway Community
Kingly looking for partners

Kingly is a active community & giveaways, we are currently looking for partners. We will like to make them our network but we ONLY allow about 6-7. If you would like to be one of our networks contact 櫻桃Flaco#5334.

Don’t be NSFW, Follow TOS & GUIDELINES.

SSC✩Astralverse SSC✩Astralverse Community 76 Community 76
Art Witchcraft Artist Games Stream
Looking to grow our server with partners

The SSC Astralverse is open to partner with other servers that will help us grow as a community! We are a fairly new server that has art, gaming, character lore, witchcraft, and many more!

- No NSFW - Must follow Discord TOS

Crystal Advertising! Crystal Advertising! Advertising 96 Advertising 96
Nitro Giveaways Robux Free Nitro Advertise
Need partners

✅ Crystal Advertising ✅ ✿﹒>﹏👻 ﹒Advertise for free! ㆍ✿﹒- Awesome Giveaways! like NITRO! ʬʬ﹒﹐ ﹒✿ And many more!

must have aleast : 5 human members

Minecraft SMP Tiktok Anime Factions
looking for minecraft servers to partner

oasis-mc is a hardcore factions minecraft server with tons to do and explore with amazing builds. we have a large and friendly community

you need 100+ members no nsfw content

hang&chill hang&chill Community 40 Community 40
Safe Place Chill And Have fun
looking for a partner

i need a partner in my server so im not doing this all by my self and so i have help like a lot

has been staff befor will fallow staff rules

ItsKTPAG's Club ItsKTPAG's Club Gaming 65 Gaming 65
Gaming Sfw Funny Games Geometrydash
Looking to Partner with Other Servers

I am currently looking for servers with 30+ members to partner with my small server, which currently has 38. My goal is 50, so I am looking for servers to partner with to accomplish my goal (which will update constantly)

30+ members 5+ messages per day SFW server

Knights’ Tavern Knights’ Tavern Community 33 Community 33
Roleplay Chill Community Partnership Social
Looking for Partners

The Knights Tavern is a roleplay/ DnD themed server focused on hanging out, DnD campaigns and helping people meet others similar to them or different!

SFW, non-toxic Minimum 5+ members (bots excluded)

The Lands Between The Lands Between Gaming 9828 Gaming 9828
Elden Ring Dark Souls Bloodborne Sekiro FromSoftware
Looking for partner in order to grow tog

We have no YouTube , Twitter , Reddit , Instagram or Facebook page.

Merge servers? Or promote each other

GilBot™ Royal Palace GilBot™ Royal Palace Community 81 Community 81
Anime Emotes Fun Bots Social

GilBot Developer Center is both a community discord server and support server for Gilbot.


ℂ𝕠𝕠𝕝 ℤ𝕠𝕟𝕖 ℂ𝕠𝕠𝕝 ℤ𝕠𝕟𝕖 Community 171 Community 171
Partnership Chill Social Friendly

Our server love to do partnership with anyone. Just join the server and see the requirements for the partnership with us. We started this server 4 days before and right now we have already done partnership with 7 server

-> Join our server for seeing the requirements

Homies Hangout Homies Hangout Gaming 31 Gaming 31
Idm Idrk Idrc Lma Lmao
I need help doing this to help us.


Must be a good person,obbay discord tos

3am - Icon Dumps` - Dry 😢 3am - Icon Dumps` - Dry 😢 Content Creators 13 Content Creators 13
Chill Drama Games FightNight Gaming
Helper partners

Need help with making a new sever incase we get an raid

Any age dont really care Boy or girl

The Sims 4: Roleplay The Sims 4: Roleplay Roleplay 29 Roleplay 29
Sims4 Occult Human Roleplay
Sims 4 RP Looking For Partners

Looking for roleplay or Sims servers that are willing to partner. Will partner with 18+ servers BUT we are a 16+ server so keep that in mind.

- Must be either a roleplay or a Sims server

FurBall Cafe FurBall Cafe Community 38 Community 38
Calm Chill
Need partners

I wanna partner with some other servers help grow there servers and be apart of other great communitys

1 has to be sfw

Zodiac Lounge ✨ Zodiac Lounge ✨ 18+ 196 18+ 196
Astrology Adults Witchy Tarot Friends
Zodiac Lounge

We are looking for partners for our Zodiac/astrology server. Make friends, private chats for your zodiac signs, customize your server view, gaming chats, and personal journals! 18+.

Must be an 18+ server and not completely NSFW.

Advertising Hub | Advertise and Chill Advertising Hub | Advertise and Chill Advertising 124 Advertising 124
Advertise Growth Selfadvertise Servergrowth Fun
Advertising Hub Is in need of partners!

Advertising Hub is a server with over 100+ Members in need of a partnership

1. over 100 members 2. if nsfw 100+ members

Clube dos Inslanporteses Clube dos Inslanporteses Community 90 Community 90
Roleplay Community Fun Gaming Advertising
CI is looking for partners!

Hey! Yes you! I want to present you: Clube dos Inslanporteses! Do you like roleplay communities? Then partnership with CI(Clube dos Inslanporteses) today!

Have at least 20 Members, not including bots

Vampires Pet Vampires Pet Roleplay 46 Roleplay 46
Roleplay Fantasy Literacy Vampire Adult
Vampire Roleplay server

.。.:*☆ •Literacy rp server (No oneliners) * 18 + only * Interchangeable lore * Fun bots/ active community * Nsfw channel (no erp within the server) ˖⋆࿐໋₊ ☆ •┉┅━━

18+ (only) Semi active Roleplay Share add 18+ 5986 18+ 5986
Onlyfans Nudes NSFW Chill GIRLS
Onlyfans Content Creator

We're looking for females and males content creator to promote their onlyfans in our discord, we're the most-trusted and highest traffic for adult content.

* Must post a minimum of one-post per week.

Juice's Dojo Juice's Dojo Community 150 Community 150
Gaming Sports Networking Entertainment Knowledge
Partners & Mergers For Growth🌴

🫂Looking for partnerships! No member requirement! Partner with us and grow your community!🌴

None. But please, no NFT servers.

iiH E A R T E D iiH E A R T E D Content Creators 80 Content Creators 80
Roblox YouTube Fun Activity Chill

Fun server where we do different super cool activities starting from Roblox to irl

Your server must be at least 8 weeks old.

Passion fruit ultimate Passion fruit ultimate Advertising 115 Advertising 115
Tech Arts Selling Advertising
passion fruit server for the company ads

》Hang out server to chill, energy, and talk ,passion fruit server for the company ads

i require for the partner to be in server

Lil Cuties - Chill Art Anime Gaming Lil Cuties - Chill Art Anime Gaming Community 90 Community 90
Anime Community Gaming
Partners and Affiliates Requirements

A friendly, chill and non toxic place for hangout, art, commissions, genshin impact, Minecraft and more!

Join our server to see if your eligible to collab!

Passionless Rose Passionless Rose Anime/Manga 321 Anime/Manga 321
Anime Gaming Danganronpa Killing Game Roleplay
Danganronpa Killing Game RP Partners

Cafe Passione is a variety server looking to partner specifically with DR KG RP servers to boost player count in both games

Must have a danganronpa kg rp and be active

Überleben SMP Überleben SMP Gaming 1451 Gaming 1451
Minecraft Publicsmp Gaming Community Giveaways
Minecraft server and creators

Uberleben SMP is a public server for minecraft players. With active community and new changes every season.

800+ members, 100+ online member count, Minecraft

Saga Reformed Saga Reformed Roleplay 11 Roleplay 11
Anime Marvel Community
Realm of the Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse's Void! Hopefully you packed yourself some fighting gear because things are going to get chaotic and possibly painful.

Must not break Discord TOS.

hotel hotties hotel hotties Community 26 Community 26
Fun Social Gaming Chat Anime

A chill server to meet and interact with new people or just look for a squad-mate!

15+ active members No supremacy's

⚡126’s Garage ⚡126’s Garage Gaming 31 Gaming 31
Gta PS4 Trading Cars Chilling

I’m looking to partner with other gta related discord servers so we can both grow in members and make are servers gain members and maybe collaborate to give back to our servers

Gta PS4 server

New York City RP | ER:LC New York City RP | ER:LC Roleplay 181 Roleplay 181
ERLC Roblox Roleplay Role Play RPG Game
New York City RP | ER:LC

This is a role-play server for the Roblox game ERLC or Emergency Response Liberty County. We are a server currently trying to get active members.

No NSFW channels No alt's

Apex Network Apex Network Gaming 173 Gaming 173
Apex legends Community Team Art Gaming
looking for partner

Apex Network Are you searching for a server? Where you can play Apex Legends with other people? Or just wanna talk about it? Than this is your place.

Fun and friendly community Minimum members 70+

Sky Advertising Sky Advertising Advertising 7 Advertising 7
Server Advertisement Advertising
Combined community's

What do we do? Well if you haven't already figured it out we want to help your community grow and help you with advertising

Over the age of 14

MetriX e-Sports® | [MtX] Official Discord MetriX e-Sports® | [MtX] Official Discord Gaming 206 Gaming 206
Esports Gaming Clan Team CSGO
Looking For Partners!

MetriX e-Sports is currently looking for partners! Don't skip us! Make sure to join our server for more information on requirements for partnerships! Thanks! #GOMETRIX!

100+ Members 45+ Active Gaming Related

Lizzard's Community gang Lizzard's Community gang Streaming 40 Streaming 40
Twitch Rocket League Stream Community
Partner small streamer rocket league

»»————- Lizzards's Community ————-«« A fun community and a heartwarming welcome where you can meet new people and maybe make some great friends along the way!

small streamer, rocket league, 10 members

The Language Abyss The Language Abyss Language 594 Language 594
Languages Culture Study Memes International
Rare/Minority Language Partners

"The Language Abyss" is a language learning server with the goal of bringing people from all around the world together to help them make friends, create bonds and learn languages all at the same time!

- rare/minority language server

Xgameszone Xgameszone NSFW 2765 NSFW 2765
Game Hentai game Adult game Community Gaming
Xgameszone [Adult gaming site]

Welcome to one of the biggest adult/hentai game sites in the world. Here you will find more than 9000+ currently porn games in a large list of topics. Absolutely free to download. We are looking for partnership !

NSFW No limit members Active

Multiverse of Mangos Multiverse of Mangos Community 40 Community 40
Mcu Marvel Fandom Superhero ComeJoin
Looking for Partners

Want to partner with our server? We are a fun Marvel/MCU based server.

- 5+ members - Partnership Ping or ping @everyone

✨Online friend✨ ✨Online friend✨ Community 599 Community 599
Partnership Promote Community

50+ member no nsfw server

Mr Henry stickmin's server Mr Henry stickmin's server Community 7 Community 7
Need-Mods Need-Admins
this is a server i need help with

partner with me i need help with my serve so plz join ty

no partner Requirements

ESCORT ESCORT Community 142 Community 142
Community Partnership Gaming Music Aesthetic
Looking for partners!

Welcome to ESCORT (nod to Chase Atlantic) - Chill community with active vcs often - Hot aesthetic throughout - Profile (banners, icons, dividers - NSFW channels

- 18+ only - NSFW or SFW is fine!

udkguin's Hangout udkguin's Hangout Gaming 37 Gaming 37
Gaming Sfw
udkguin's Hangout

Come partner with udkguin's Hangout! We are a completely SFW server! This server is WIP.

Server must have 10 members or more and be SFW

Garage Gang Garage Gang Community 181 Community 181
Weed Psychedelics Community Gaming Partnerships
Partner With Garage Gang

As long as your community is chill feel free to partner with us. We're a smoking/gaming community that welcomes anyone. DONT BE LAME, PARTNER US.

- 100+ members - gaming or smoking related

CreeCree's Lounge CreeCree's Lounge Community 51 Community 51
Fun Community Gaming
Requesting for server partners

Hello we are requesting for server partners. To partnership with us

They will be in my server in #partner-reqs server

Eden's Garden 18+ Eden's Garden 18+ 18+ 377 18+ 377
Dating Gaming Anime Community NSFW
Eden's Garden 18+ Dating.Gaming.Anime

Looking for something serious? Fun? Gaming, Dating and Anime? Roleplay or even just looking around? Mixing the best things in life Whichever way you wanna have fun We got you covered!

18+ servers are what we are looking for.

Boomerverse Boomerverse Community 42 Community 42
Hangout Social Memes Community Food
Looking for Chill servers to Partner

Our server, Boomerverse, is centered around a relaxed environment with freedom of speech. We have many channels, spanning from storytime to video games. We would also like to host events at some point.

Just be relaxed! We want an open-minded community.

💎Diamond Advertising and Giveaways 💎Diamond Advertising and Giveaways Advertising 234 Advertising 234
Fun Heaven Earth Members Active
Partner with Road to heaven

😎 Things you can find in here 🐸 - Memes are guaranteed in the server 😚- self roles 🤗 - emoji server 🤪 -Looking for moderators

No member requirement, Only partner ping

Basement Developers Official Basement Developers Official Programming 6493 Programming 6493
Developers Bots DeV Coding Programming
Coding / Programming partners

We're looking for partners, we're a programming/coding/technology server, focused on languages and libraries such as Discord.js (Javascript), (Python), Bot Designer For Discord, Aoi.js, Pycord, HTML/CSS...

- Related to coding/tech - 300+ members - active

@ rire @ rire Community 193 Community 193
Social Hangout Toxic Egirl
s e r e n d i p i t y

a server where you can make friends and chat about anything. Tons of bots to play with and with numerous music channels.

must have functional partner channel

Debate Emporium Debate Emporium Gaming 102 Gaming 102
Debate Religion Politics Gaming Events
Looking for partners for debating server

Welcome to Debate Emporium A decent number of active people including the owner Games Weekly events In server text games

Not NSFW based Follows tos 30+ users

𓈈 🎴 Violeta ゅ || Hiring PMs 𓈈 🎴 Violeta ゅ || Hiring PMs Roleplay 82 Roleplay 82
Role Play Sfw
Please Partner with us!


Must be SFW Give Away servers are not Allowed

𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮™; 𝗦𝗢𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 𝗔𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗿𝗮™; 𝗦𝗢𝗖𝗜𝗔𝗟 NSFW 121 NSFW 121
Growth Community Chat Mature NSFW
A trustworthy partner

server has 100+ members and i'm looking for a 200+ member partnership. this server is about chilling and making new friends.

At least 200+ members Trustworthy

Wolf Community Canidae Animal
WRH Partnership

White River Haven, Community server for those who are fans of the Canidae family. Features facts ,livestream from haven websites ,rp and much more. The main focus is on wolves for the moment till we get more members. exp

active members,at least 20 real members, not bots

Gen Z Central Gen Z Central Community 6128 Community 6128
Community Social Gaming Anime Giveaways
Looking for mature Gen Z communities

Gen Z Central is a friendly, diverse and inclusive hangout community with members from all over the globe where you can meet new people!

Minimum 300 members, active and civil. 18+ 5986 18+ 5986
Onlyfans Nudes NSFW Chill GIRLS
Streamers Needed

We're looking for streamers to promote their twitch.

* Twitch * Microphone * Stream * Youtube

Rapid Revival Gaming Rapid Revival Gaming Gaming 38 Gaming 38
Ark Network Community
Searching for smaller gaming community

Hello, We at Rapid Revival Gaming are looking for smaller servers that are looking to merge into a network to provide more of a variety of games for members to have fun on.

Will discuss during meeting

MAKEOVER MAKEOVER Community 48 Community 48
Aesthetic Lofimusic Mentalhealth Dankmemer NiceStaff
Looking for partners 👀

aesthetic ✧ lofi music 24/7 ✧ mental health support ✧ weekly streams ✧ friendly staff ✧ self roles ✧ + more waiting just for you!

5+ human members

UA | Advertising UA | Advertising Advertising 570 Advertising 570
Advertising Growth Giveaways Promotion Unlimited
We are looking for Partners.

We are Unlimited Advertising, a growing advertising server. Please open a ticket on our discord Server if you're interested in beeing partnered with us.

Must have at least 15 members.

✧˖*°࿐ Astra ✧˖*°࿐ Astra Community 70 Community 70
Community Gaming Roblox Friendly Aesthetic
Looking for server partners!!

Welcome to Astra!! a semi active community who is looking for awesome servers to partner with.

Rules! -DONT leave the server

Amazane Mansion 💐✨ Amazane Mansion 💐✨ Community 110 Community 110
Quotes Events Anime Roleplay
Looking for the following:

Discord Servers that will do Partnership, Ping4Ping, Join4Join | YouTube channels that are willing to sub4sub

- 50+ members - SFW community

😈The Panda’s Den😈 😈The Panda’s Den😈 NSFW 30 NSFW 30
NSFW Partnerships New Community Verification
Partnerships makes the world go round

We are a new NSFW 18+ server, I’m looking for partnerships to help grow this community. Partnerships help each other grow. 💜

18+ server, partnership channel in view.

Rust Italia Rust Italia Gaming 1239 Gaming 1239
Rust Italia Rust Community Italia Gaming
Rust Italia

Entra ora nel nostro server e non te ne pentirai! troverai persone con cui giocare e parlare. Vieni a farti un giro!

Minimo 200 utenti.

TenStudios Broadcasting Corporation TenStudios Broadcasting Corporation Community 127 Community 127
Roblox Minecraft YouTube Organizations Developing
Server Partnership

TSBC it's A Community Established In 2019 and created lots of creations, some of them are joined us as The Members/Employees of TSBC and it's a big community ran by Eric Wilson, Frouz, Nexon and That need(Slickbasson)

- Atleast 40-50 members on the server (Human)

Status Status Community 33 Community 33
Social Voice Selfies Eboys Egirls

Looking for small server partnerships in the category of social communities.

There's no partnership requirements.

🌈Queer Cheer✨ 🌈Queer Cheer✨ Community 739 Community 739
LGBTQ Lgbt Gay Community Queer
Queer Cheer looking for partners!

Queer Cheer is a SFW Lgbtq+ community server for ages 13-25! Partnership requirements: ╭ʚ Non-toxic server ₊˚୨ 75+ members ₊˚୨ No NSFW servers ╰ʚ No homophobia, racism, transphobia etc...

SFW, Non-toxic, 75+ members, inclusive

Bodybuilding & Fitness Discord - FitMorii Bodybuilding & Fitness Discord - FitMorii Community 12530 Community 12530
Fitness Bodybuilding Workout Powerlifting Diet
Ping 4 Ping

Ping for Ping AD in a channel w/ @everyone, Open a Help-ticket

Active server, SFW, 1000+ Members

Isa's Planet Isa's Planet Community 102 Community 102
Egirls Social Chill Fun Community
Looking For Admins & Partners

pro-feminist, pro-BLM, pro-leftist server Positive + Mature Social Club - inclusive, diverse, and anti-incel - Over 50+ Self Roles, Hundreds of Emotes!! - chat with the most ambitious people

pro-feminist, pro-BLM, pro-leftist servers

𝐎𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐎𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐀𝐜𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐲 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 Roleplay 140 Roleplay 140
Roleplay Mythology Academy Fantasy Plot
Looking for Roleplay Partner Servers!

Enroll at Oakenhart Academy today! 16+! Semi-Lit to Literate! Urban Fantasy Setting with a Mythology and Folklore Theme! Chill Vibes and Good Times!

-No NSFW -Roleplay server -At least 20 members

Avant-Garde Ink Avant-Garde Ink Other 25 Other 25
Experimental Writing Productivity Chill Fiction
Experimentalists Wanted.

We're a small server of avant-garde and experimental writers who want to partner with other ADULTS ONLY writing servers.

adults only; SFW servers only.

ՏᑌᑎᑎY ᑭᒪᗩᑕᗴ ՏᑌᑎᑎY ᑭᒪᗩᑕᗴ Community 99 Community 99
Fun Community Social Chill Friendly
Searching Partner Servers

We are searching Servers with them we can make a partnership

100+ members 30+ humans Be a active server

✨𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮✨ ✨𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮✨ Community 153 Community 153
Anime Gaming Community Friends Events
Partner with 𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮!

✨We're a new server that's growing everyday. We don't have a specific theme, but we have channels that'll fit everyone. We have multiple weekly events, rank up roles, and daily content to keep the server active!✨

-50 Human Members -Not NSFW

•𝔒𝔡𝔶𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔶• •𝔒𝔡𝔶𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔶• Roleplay 21 Roleplay 21
Literacy Gods Demi God Roleplay Mythology
Greek Mythology Literate|• Odyssey

Greek Mythology Heavy Lit RolePlay Server. Welcome to Odyssey; a roleplaying hub set in an alternate version of Earth where the Greek gods are as real as their ancient worshipers believed them to be. Set in the present

18+ Novella T’1 Literate

WILZON WILZON Community 474 Community 474
Fun Hangout Chill Tiktok Semiactive

❥ - welcome to wilzon . - semi-active server - don’t be sensitive - be active - follow discord tos + gl

50+ members can’t leave not dry

Dogs of Discord | Social • Animals • Giveaways • Emojis • Pets • Anime • Chat • Emotes • Gaming Dogs of Discord | Social • Animals • Giveaways • Emojis • Pets • Anime • Chat • Emotes • Gaming Community 28986 Community 28986
Animals Dogs Dog Community Emojis

Wanna join a 105000+ members network? Check out the full description!

- Network Channel - Welcome DMs bot

Shooting Stars Shooting Stars Gaming 75 Gaming 75
Gaming Chill Giveaways
We are looking for chill gaming chats!

We are a chill gaming chat with a lot of cool staff and gamers playing games like Minecraft and Roblox!

They must have 25+ members and be active.

Kingz Lounge Kingz Lounge Community 58 Community 58
Community Gaming Swf
Looking for active members!

Server that is looking for partners so we can grow together!

-No Requirements

Supercell Center Supercell Center Community 485 Community 485
Gaming Community Giveaways
Supercell Center

Gaming community! Games: Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Of Clans and more!

We don't have partner requirements

.casted. .casted. Community 34 Community 34
Community Music Minimal Aesthetic Chill
Partnerships / PMs

We are a chill and low-modded server. Aesthetic / Minimal layout, semi-active, always looking for staff. :)

- 20+ members - No NSFW in the server

Crypto Leaks Signal Crypto Leaks Signal Technology 808 Technology 808
Crypto Trading Tradingsignal Cryptosignal Bitcoin
Partner for CRYPTO channel

follow the best traders of the moment, (rose margin, fat pig, binance killer, russian insiders reektproof, and many others). Double your investment within a week. crazy result🚀


promocoin promocoin Advertising 17 Advertising 17
New Promotion Free
Promocoin phartners

Promocoin look for phartners all phartners are good to be a big server

Nothing big and smal is all good

Fantasma Gamer Clan Fantasma Gamer Clan Gaming 26 Gaming 26
Gaming Fortnite Music Advertising Staff
Fantasma Partners

We're a gaming, Roleplay, Learning and friend making community. This is a community where you can make friends in a safe environment. We soon hope to make this server much bigger in the future.

Partner roles & announcement channel

🔥 | El Infierno | Sorteo 1.5 K 🔥 | El Infierno | Sorteo 1.5 K Community 1365 Community 1365
Community Social Music Gaming
El Infierno

Comunidad para socializar y platicar con distintas personas de partes del mundo

Minimo de 300 usuarios sin contar los bots

Arctic Federation Remastered|[rAFO] Arctic Federation Remastered|[rAFO] Community 97 Community 97
Gaming Vietnamese Anime Giveaways Events
Looking For Active Members

A great community recruiting for active members Everyone is welcomed here!

Minimum 50 members, 500 messages daily

Pro Advertising™ Pro Advertising™ Advertising 147 Advertising 147
Advertising Community Active

A small advertising server about to blow up. We are looking for partners.

Minimum 20 members Must be No invite rewards

Anime Central Anime Central Anime/Manga 233 Anime/Manga 233
Anime Fun Chill Gaming Roleplaying
Looking for partners!

Our server is a Gaming, Anime server, We have weekly events, Friendly staff, Awsome members!

Read the long description

TTRPG Dreams TTRPG Dreams Roleplay 74 Roleplay 74
TTRPG Roleplay Dnd Anime
Partner servers in need!

Looking for partners to join us at TTRPG Dreams, and bring happiness to both servers. We are a small community and are willing to work with any and all servers. Our ad will be below, please message or dm us on discord.

Nothing is required besides being a living server

Anime Lgbtqfriendly Manga Chill
Low requirement partnering!

We have a small but actively growing server. We would like to get partners if anyone is interested, we dont have any member requirement so we will partner with smaller servers too if they fit our simple requirements!

-Lgbtq+friendly Non-discriminatory Not super toxic

🌴 Los Angeles 🌴 🌴 Los Angeles 🌴 Community 41 Community 41
Community Emotes Advertising

。˚ ✧ 『 Hey guys! , is a very fun community server. We have tons of things in the server that could keep you occupied! We are still working on it to make it a better place for everyone

Must have 60+ members Must be Active

Skeez | Relax ✬ Social Skeez | Relax ✬ Social Community 1400 Community 1400
Relax Movie Chat
looking for partnership/net

looking for 1k+ server to partner with or even start a net

At least have 1k or even a active chat

🍌Banana Community! 🍌Banana Community! Community 559