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(WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom (WIP) Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom Community 1198 Community 1198
Community Chatting VRChat Chill Looking4Staff
Twilight Forest Chill Kingdom

Welcome to we are an Discord and VRChat chill community! We're glad you're here and look forward to having you as part of our community. We're always looking for partners, active group, SFW.

Members count 10+ Active moderators SFW

Saga Reformed Saga Reformed Roleplay 13 Roleplay 13
Anime Marvel Community
Realm of the Metaverse

Welcome to the Metaverse's Void! Hopefully you packed yourself some fighting gear because things are going to get chaotic and possibly painful.

Must not break Discord TOS.

@ rire @ rire Community 165 Community 165
Social Hangout Toxic Egirl
s e r e n d i p i t y

a server where you can make friends and chat about anything. Tons of bots to play with and with numerous music channels.

must have functional partner channel

The OC House The OC House Roleplay 56 Roleplay 56
Ocs Webtoon Webcomic Comic
The OC House: Looking for Partners

The OC House is a small server for my Webtoon series of the same name, we are looking for other OC/RP servers!

sfw, 20+ members, oc/rp server

Rapid Revival Gaming Rapid Revival Gaming Gaming 37 Gaming 37
Ark Network Community
Searching for smaller gaming community

Hello, We at Rapid Revival Gaming are looking for smaller servers that are looking to merge into a network to provide more of a variety of games for members to have fun on.

Will discuss during meeting

🍌Banana Community! 🍌Banana Community! Community 474 Community 474
Community Game Social Friendly Minecraft
Banana Community

Banana Community! We offer you: Hundreds of custom emojis SFW, safe and friendly Welcoming community Fun bots!

No requirements!

family 2.0 ⌗ social family 2.0 ⌗ social SFW 49 SFW 49
Family LGBTQ Social Fun Community
looking for sfw partners!

꒦꒷ !! family 2.0 ₊꒷︶ > ‧˚₊ supportive server ୨୧ ૮ ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ა

sfw no user req following tos, guidelines

Safe Space🚀 Safe Space🚀 Community 252 Community 252
Giveaways Partnerships Gaming Weed Elonmusk
Looking For Partners

Hello, We are a 3in1 Server Community, Gaming, & Advertising Welcome to one of the most non-toxic & family-friendly servers on Discord. Where you can meet chill people make new friends, learn about space & even advertise

Must have 40+ Members. No Toxic, Raid, Hacking

The Motherland The Motherland Gaming 1318 Gaming 1318
EFT Tarkov Gaming Emotes

A highly active place for Escape From Tarkov players (NA/EU) to find others to play with, get help with tasks, ask questions and share everything Tarkov!

active, moderated, nontoxic communitys

AntiDreamEmpire AntiDreamEmpire Community 38 Community 38
Community Anime Gaming Chill Vibe

Server at least 60+ members