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Aldine CM#4672 Aldine CM#4672 Moderators
Content Moderator

I am very punctual, dedicated and, hard-working! I am also a team player and is very adaptable to ever changing workflows.

VilluminaTheGod#7878 VilluminaTheGod#7878 Moderators

Basic Information: gender: Male Name: Damien Age: 15

CryptoMedic🚁 🇭#8241 CryptoMedic🚁 🇭#8241 Administrators
CryptoMedic to the Rescue!

Simple, Professional. Service. Discord Master Design & Administration. US Based.

Pika#6102 Pika#6102 Moderators

- Engage and communicate to the community professionally. - Active member, willing to work full time (any timezone is fine). - A problem solver, love to provide solutions to any problems/concerns.

Mercy De Great#0485 Mercy De Great#0485 Moderators

I'm Mercy De Great, and I'm available for employment as a Discord moderator. I have prior community management experience. My services are both inexpensive and outstanding.

!!𝓐𝓫𝓬#0044 !!𝓐𝓫𝓬#0044 Administrators
Looking to manage a server

I am looking for a server to manage/build to fill my time, because i'm basically bored of games. So i need a server to manage. I dont need payment.

Art Attack#7837 Art Attack#7837 Moderators
Keen Crypto/NFT enthusiast

Hey there, i have a keen interest in crypto and NFTs and am an active member of several Discords. I enjoy helping others and have good writing/communication skills. Looking to start right away.

BadassDuckie#6969 BadassDuckie#6969 Administrators
Hire Duckie for discord!

Are you looking for an experienced and good quality staff member? Or are you in need of a fast server builder? You are at the right place!

ian Ξ#6835 ian Ξ#6835 Moderators
Looking for a community mod position *paid* 4pm to 10pm

Hello i've been involving myself in web3 and nft's for a while now and am on discord and twitter from 4pm to 10pm on most days and i am looking to turn it into a job don't require much pay about 1k a month is plenty.

tombowl#7135 tombowl#7135 Moderators

I'm a seasoned DeFi enthusiast with five years of experience in the space. I'm currently a moderator for Snail Trail, an NFT game on the Avalanche Blockchain. I'm frequently available and on Discord very often.