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Katsuki♡#0001 Katsuki♡#0001 Other
My uploader resume!

i’m a free and paid uploader. i can follow any aesthetic or theme you have going if you wish. i only upload sfw.

SirLuke#0001 SirLuke#0001 Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hello! My name is Luke, 16 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom.

Lemongrab#0001 Lemongrab#0001 Moderators
📌Experienced loyal staff member

I am a 26 year old dad that has been in the military for nearly 8 years. I have discipline loyalty and respect for others.

Anmol_Sirola#6083 Anmol_Sirola#6083 Moderators

Young active college student looking for a side gig. I also wanted to gain some experiences in this field.

Dollarxcade#9547 Dollarxcade#9547 Server Builders
Discord Server Builder

I am Dollarxcade and I am looking for servers to hire me as their server builder. I have a year of experience with discord server building with high knowledge in bots, moderation, development, engagement and more

Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Administrators

Sou uma pessoal otimista, e criativo gosto muito de Servidores e programaçãos, e

(PL) PretendingLove#2016 (PL) PretendingLove#2016 Administrators
My Resume For Administrator

I'm an active member of Discord, I'm usually always avaliable and I have experience.

ShatteredClique#0001 ShatteredClique#0001 Administrators
Famous Catboy Maid

Name's Ben. 21 years old, famous Canadian E-boy influencer with 12k followers on Instagram. You may find me @ ShatteredClique I voicechat 24/7 in my Discord Server: "Broken Souls" . I am a caucasian eboy. x

Yato Misumi#2299 Yato Misumi#2299 Moderators
Moderator serwera discord

Szukam czegoś na wolną chwilę i jestem w tym nowy i zielony. Więc jeśli mnie zaakceptujesz to nie oczekuj wiele, ale wiedz, że będę się starał :) PS Tylko POLSKIE SERWERY

Rusho2002#1875 Rusho2002#1875 Other
Staff Member

I am experienced with discord I have been staff In multiple of different types of discord servers ranging from NFTs to gaming.

REKA#6094 REKA#6094 Other
Hire me as a GFX Designer

What I mean by graphics, are thumbnails, profile pictures, logos, mockups etc. And if you didn't know, I do them for absolutely FREE 100%. Feel free to add my Discord <3. REKA#6094

ColdItly#3471 ColdItly#3471 Administrators
Looking for [Game Administration/Moderation]

Hello, I'm Lili. I'm 17 years old and I have school and a job. My hours are limited but i can always be active if needed and I can be active when a lot of others aren't.

SyGuy#9395 SyGuy#9395 Moderators
Discord moderator

Young moderator looking for their first real server, lots of experience with discord! Also getting advertising certifications.

W_MNQ#6074 W_MNQ#6074 Administrators
Looking for staff position

Hello! My name is W_MNQ, though you can call me pickles. I’ve been on discord for over 4 years [I have multiple accounts that I’ve sadly lost :(! ] I hope I can help your server out!

elysian#1605 elysian#1605 Administrators
Community Management/Moderation Work

Hello, my name is Elysian, I'm a college student (18 y/o) and I have been using Discord since 2016. I have around 5 years of experience within management roles, whether that be in server, staff or community management.

Sparky!!#0006 Sparky!!#0006 Bot Developers
I can make a bot to your likings!

Hire Me To Code A Bot For You!!! Moderation Commands to Fun Commands to Tools Commands to Ticket Systems to Music Bot Commands to Crypto Price Tracker Bot to Trivia Answer Bot Commands and much more!

xdracer78#7615 xdracer78#7615 Moderators
Looking to become Mod/Admin/Staff

I'm Charlie, and I'm 14 years old. I absolutely love moderating servers, and I've been doing it for a year now. Helping others is something that brings me joy, and I always strive to provide a positive experience!

eni ouah#5112 eni ouah#5112 Moderators
looking for a discord Moderators job

I'm Ouaghzane Houcine, and I'm available for employment as a Discord moderator. My services are both inexpensive and outstanding.

SPIDERMON#4723 SPIDERMON#4723 Moderators
Discord Moderator/helper

i am 27 years old, I'm ready to help you build a solid community, maintain servers from spamming, bots able to work hard, responsible

BNT#7020 BNT#7020 Administrators
Free Server Administrator

Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in managing servers and moderating them.

Gintoki Jobs#1618 Gintoki Jobs#1618 Moderators
Discord Moderator

Young active IT worker looking for a side gig. I also wanted to gain some experiences in this field.