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ayoolafalola#4634 ayoolafalola#4634 Website Developers
Tech Lead (Senior Fullstack Developer)

Tap into 20+ years of building with PHP Backend, Cron - Code & Scripting Automation, API Integration, Payment Gateway Integration and Ecommerce Checkout Flow, MySQL & General Web/App Development Want a highly experience

gasy931#0 gasy931#0 Moderators
Need your Discord server monitored?

Hello, In this post it is about publicizing my position in which I am applying as a Discord moderator

John1#8798 John1#8798 Administrators

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SlumpedOut#1517 SlumpedOut#1517 Moderators
Do you need a Moderater for your server?*PAID*

I've been making and managing servers for upwards of a year, and I will keep your server clean and active for anywhere from $300 to $1000 a month based on size.

cherish#5221 cherish#5221 Website Developers

I'm 17 years old and I like web development / design, I've been learning and practicing for 3 years but only did projects for myself or for fun. So now I want to work with others too, add me for my info server!

zpikachuz#0 zpikachuz#0 Moderators
l'm looking for To become Great moderator.

Hello! I'm Pikachu! I have been 4 years to trying to get moderate, and I have been a great member, If you want, We talk about it, Contract me!

Jrapalo#7415 Jrapalo#7415 Moderators
Moderador Hispano

Moderador de discord He estado construyendo y moderando comunidades de discord desde 2016. Tengo 19 años y soy muy eficiente con todas las formas de bots de discord, moderación y configuración del servido.

zyndero#0 zyndero#0 Moderators
Experienced Discord Mod

Hello, I'm Aurora and I love being a discord moderator and helping out other people to the best of my abilities.

thetromboneman#0 thetromboneman#0 Administrators

I am TheTromboneMan or Trombone for short. I am 22 years old and a father of two wonderful children. I work full time as a Front Desk Staff at a major hotel chain. Interests: Music, Anime, Movies

edp#9901 edp#9901 Moderators
I will be your discord moderator

My name is Mason im a 13 year old with a lot of experience with discord. I am a gamer and I like to hangout with friends and family.

BNT#7020 BNT#7020 Administrators
Free Server Administrator

Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in managing servers and moderating them.

Drizz#0472 Drizz#0472 Moderators
Available Moderator for any server | active

Hi I'm Drizz, I'm an experienced discord mod being moderator to a few servers now, a notable one would be my time at a community server where I was head admin for a year.

andymalarky#0049 andymalarky#0049 Other
Facilitator & Sponsor

Hi folks, my name is Andy and I have been involved in online community development for the last 13 or so years driving unique projects. As an enabler & facilitator, I look forward to finding out how I can help you.

SirLuke#0001 SirLuke#0001 Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hello! My name is Luke, 16 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom.

Kabja31#3040 Kabja31#3040 Moderators

Hi I am Kabja31 and I am looking for a Discord Moderator job. I have4,5 years experinace in this and i was on 3 differnt Servers in this 4,5 yearss.

Sik#2043 Sik#2043 Moderators
Hello I am Sik and I am a good Moderator admin or more I was on 30 servers mod and on 4 admin

I am Sik and I love to help and I am. A good mod or admin dev builder and mord

cattydior#0 cattydior#0 Moderators
Looking for Staff Positions (High)

Hello, my names catty, i am looking for servers that i can mod for or administrate! I have a lot of experience and am active a lot. I do best in "staff manager" positions or any positio where i am over staff!

discharge8186#0 discharge8186#0 Server Builders
Wolf Services

Will do almost anything and have lots of experience!

.gryffin_#0 .gryffin_#0 Moderators

Hi I'm Gryffin. I'm a High Schooler and Part-Time College Student Looking For Moderation Opportunities On Disocrd

Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Br$-Gabriel-Zero#9166 Administrators

Sou uma pessoal otimista, e criativo gosto muito de Servidores e programaçãos, e

JevinTheTiger#8292 JevinTheTiger#8292 Moderators
I will be your Discord Moderator

Hello! I'm JevinTheTiger but feel free to call me Jevin. I'm a 16 year old male who lives in Europe. I'm quite new to Discord Management. Aside from that i am a dedicated fellow with a lot of spare time on my hands.


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