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  • Category: Bot Developers
  • Employee: SmugTheKiler SmugTheKiler#
How do i contact?

You must add SmugTheKiler# on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

Resume Description

I am a great developer, and I am available almost literary every day until May 27th, 2021. Sorry, it's just that I am out for the summer. :) .........................................

Employee skills description

My skills? Oh, they are pretty good, ngl, I am jealous of myself. But, look, I cant create support complicated bots, like, let's say MEE6. :)

Past Employers

none, I don't have them I am still good tho. I began, I cant have passed in the begging, right? I hope so. Lol

Current Employers

People in my discord server named Infinity Development. (https://discordhome.com/infdev)

List of experience or info

I am really good at developing BOTS I also am able to create awesome servers for you! I own 3 servers.. :)