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Xasha: A D&D 5e Kingdom background
Xasha: A D&D 5e Kingdom users-three 50 17 2 2

Xasha is a discord txt based rp server with a medieval fantasy theme. We are brand new so things are just getting built. We add Roll20 and D&D character sheets for tournaments and various battles that might take place during story development.

Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP background
Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP users-three 190 26

A fantasy RP that relates the story of a world torn asunder in every respect by war and political strife.

Chaotica background
Chaotica users-three 38 22 6 6

An interactive writing server set to offer adult(18+) writers a setting with like minded individuals. Themes include Modern Fantasy, Gore, Divided Worlds, etc. We really are set for a lot of creativity.

The Roleplayer's Directory background
The Roleplayer's Directory users-three 140 35

The Roleplayer's Directory is here to help connect roleplayers and those passionate about roleplay. Be that for 1v1 or group roleplay. Play-by-post or Table top style roleplays. Those who provide supporting content for roleplays. We are here to co

Hogwarts: The New Tale background
Hogwarts: The New Tale users-three 147 55 9 9

Join our SFW Harry Potter server with its own, original storyline! - Learn about a new secret group terrorizing the wizarding world - Create your own OC to engage in our storyline - Lots of events hosted by our welcoming staff! - A welcoming community, pluralkit

Aoyama University (18+) background
Aoyama University (18+) users-three 114 47 17 17

โ˜… We are actively seeking new community partnerships and members! โ˜… Aoyama University is a slice-of-life roleplaying community centered around sapphic romance and drama.

The Ruins of Ellypsium background
The Ruins of Ellypsium users-three 19 13 2 2

Two moons shine upon the land of Ellypsium, a place of dragons and mythical beasts nearly brought to complete destruction by an ancient god now lost to time. Will you forge your path here?

Fantasia Rp background
Fantasia Rp users-three 165 24

Hi this is a new rp server anyone is welcome we have sfw and nsfw and we are all inclusive so come on let's have some fun

FairyTail RP background
FairyTail RP users-three 95 30 8 8

A fun Fairytail rp server where the staff is kind and understanding. Creating memories and making friends.

โ€•๐Ž๐›๐ฌ๐œ๐ฎ๐ซ๐š๐ญ๐š is a relatively realistic server made for more casual RP, of course you can have CRP here as well. โ€•This server will have a unique story for your characters to join, but if you wish you can stray far from plot and do as you want.

The Storytellers background
The Storytellers users-three 63 26 10 10

Why live one life, when you can write many! We're a literate, multi-paragraph role-play server. We focus on being a community for roleplayers to gather in, with space for them to bring all their stories to life. 20 years of writing and friendships between members and five years of experience of discord.

[16+] - [Experienced Roleplayers] Residue, what remains after the removal of what makes the world whole.

๐ŸงŸ Join The World of The Undead! ๐ŸŒ this is a Zombie RP server with diverse danger zones, faction dynamics, dynamic lore, character development, and a welcoming community.

Islands Collisions : A Roleplaying Server background
Islands Collisions : A Roleplaying Server users-three 175 47 5 5

A roleplaying server based around member's votes, freedom to choose and suggest and fun! [Any character allowed, nearly lore-free, and a very welcoming community!]

The Multiverse ๐ŸŒ ( โ•Hangoutโ• )โ„ข background
The Multiverse ๐ŸŒ ( โ•Hangoutโ• )โ„ข users-three 89 33 2 2

This server is a roleplay server with all fandoms allowed, we have marvel, dc, sonic, Mario and more!

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