Discord Moderator/Admin

Pantsu💪 Is looking for a discord Administrators job!

  • Pantsu💪


  • Administrators
  • Discord ID: 622255357690904600

How do i contact?

You must add Pantsu💪#7398 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

Share your feeling

I am available most of the time, accept for when I am at work, which is not long I accept cash, in which I will stay till told otherwise. If you choose to hire me for free, I can leave whenever I like


If you wish to hire me please let me know I have served many discords, including those for medium and small scaled youtubers

Employee skills

Dedicated Active Knowledgeable Aware Patient Thoughtful

Past Employers

BlazeYT Is the largest person I've modded for with around 6.6k subscribers to date Zero This person asked for help and I felt happy to do so

Current Employers

BlazeYT Is currently the only person I am still employed with, since his server needs constant monitoring

Experience and contact info

[email protected] I Have been on discord for many years (about 4) and I plan to keep helping low and large member count communities