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Chummy Is looking for a discord Bot Developers job!

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  • Discord ID: 924283422065721354

How do i contact?

You must add Chummy#5484 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hello! My name is Chummy and I'm an 18 year old discord.py Bot Developer based in the United States! I've worked on over 100 bots from community servers to school hangouts! I look forward to working with you!


Hello! It's me again, Chummy. I'm an 18 year old Discord.Py Developer based in the United States, SC to be exact! I'm currently a student at my local college York Tech, Majoring in Computer Science. While my goal in life is to become a full-time Back/Front end developer, I love to help large or small Discord Servers bring a custom feel to their server. Custom Discord Bots shouldn't be limited to large servers with a huge community, Discord Bots should be able to be customized and used by communities large or small for whatever need be! While I've only been doing Discord.py for 4 years, It's always evolving, and I can promise to provide quick, professional, work in a short period of time. I look forward to working with each and every one of you and hope to make your goal of owning a custom Discord Bot a reality.

Employee skills

I specialize in data management/manipulation using SQL, however, I can work on anything from currency to basic moderation commands!

Past Employers

- Exhausted Offical - Kay's Marketplace - UnitedDarkRP - And many more

Current Employers

Currently, I'm not employed with any Specific Discord Servers, but all my discord Bots do come with contact info if any changes were needed.

Experience and contact info

-Discord Username as of 2/2022: Chummy#5484 -Discord ID: 924283422065721354 -Email: [email protected] -Can't wait!