Make A Discord.JS Bot

BlitzDBS Is looking for a Discord Bot Developers job!

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  • Bot Developers
  • Discord ID: 629830020919197698

How do i contact?

You must add BlitzDBS#4355 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hey, I'm Blitz, and I'm experienced in Discord.js. My services cost $5 to $30 and you can pay via PayPal and Venmo.


Hey, I'm Blitz. I'm experienced in Discord.JS, MYSQL2 (and many more but I am only selling these services) and I can code you a Discord.js bot. My prices range from $5 to $30. Please friend request me and DM me. I have school Monday-Friday so my weeks are busy but I will still find the time to help you. I accept: -Paypal -Venmo -Discord Nitro ($10.00 or $5.00 depending on what I am doing)

Employee skills

Discord.js: I am good at coding in Discord.js and can help you with whatever you need. MySQL: I am good at coding in MySQL and can easily use it.

Past Employers

I have had no past employers but will help you to the best of my ability!

Current Employers

I am not employed with anyone right now but will help you to the best of my ability!

Experience and contact info

I am skilled at coding discord.js bots and am experienced in MySQL. I also know a lot about discord. Contact me by friend requesting me and a DM.