(PAID | 2yrs+ Exp) Senior/Technical Mod/Admin/Server Builder

Terribia Is looking for a Discord Moderators job!

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How do i contact?

You must add Terribia#4420 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm a digital artist, Discord user since 2016, and a seasoned moderator & server admin. Currently handling multiple servers with great results. Availability based on pay


I have been using Discord since 2016, have moderated as a Senior Mod for The Talesworth Games Server from 2017-2018 (500 members during my tenure), and Bunny Battle Brigade, a Bot-hosting and entertainment server, from 2019-2021, which is currently having 2000+ members. I have great experience with Discord moderation and entertainment bots, including custom-made, in-house developed bots. I can assure you that there is never a dull moment with me around, as I have Discord open all the time and would always talk with my members and treat them as precious friends. I am an expert on making polls, role reactions, events (even made my own board game for my server), giveaways, and all the jazz you'd see in a fun server with a fun moderation team. Regarding moderating, I usually employ a transparent, but no witch-hunting, system where warns, bans, and mutes' logs are open to the public to show constant moderation action. As a server owner, I also occasionally interact with other server owners to garner information regarding serious TOS breaches, rude rule-breakers, or incoming raids. Server rules, changes, and other important matters are also open to public opinions and criticisms. This allows my members to feel safer, secure, and truly a part of the community while discouraging rule-breaking and unwelcome behaviors. I currently moderate multiple NFT servers in the ETH and SOL blockchain, including already launched projects and marketplaces. Timezone: UTC+8 Rates: weekly/hourly

Employee skills

> General Server Moderation > Role Organization & Hierarchy > Channels & Permissions > Instant, Consistent, and Transparent Actions

Past Employers

Sean Gailey, co-founder of J!NX clothing (Talesworth Games Server) Monaverse, as part of their Community Team

Current Employers

Magpie Moguls (10k members, LAUNCHED project in Magic Eden) Udder Chaos (2k+, SOL) Buddha Brothers (10k+, ETH) DeFace NFT (ETH) Raiinmaker (20k+)

Experience and contact info

Terribia#4420 [email protected] Talesworth Games Server (June 2017-July 2018) Bunny Battle Brigade (April 2019-February 2021)