(PAID, 2yrs+ Exp) Senior/Technical Moderator/Admin/Builder for NFT servers

Terribia Is looking for a Discord Moderators job!

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How do i contact?

You must add Terribia#4420 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm a digital artist, Discord user since 2016, and a seasoned moderator. Currently on various NFT collections, dapps, marketplaces, & startups as a Technical & Head Moderator. [Contact anytime! SOL ONLY]


This is a resume tailored for NFT projects. For my non-NFT moderation history, please refer to my other resume. As a silent watcher of the NFT space since late last year, who would've thought I'd be on the frontline of collection launches now? From my previous resume alone, I have been contacted by dozens of blockchain-related projects, and have already been onboarded with at least 10. With my experience on actual server setups, knowledge of moderation bots, and accurate enactment of server and Discord rules, results have been great and people are happy. Setting up a server from scratch? Need someone to help prevent raids? Keep an eye on bots and scams? Someone that knows who to ban, why to kick, and how long to mute? Every good server needs the backbone to support the whole thing; a foundation, a shield, a watchful eye. That is the service I offer. As a technical moderator, I do not participate in advertising or partnership work. Interacting with chat or answering queries and tickets, however, are already part of the package. Please note that I only accept fiat and crypto, not just whitelist spots! Timezone is UTC+8. Online in Discord for up to 12-14 hours a day. Note that I am moderating multiple servers, but will immediately respond with a ping. Can expertly use moderation, ticketing, verification, and entertainment bots, along with building a server from scratch. Currently working with SOL and ETH projects, preference on SOL.

Employee skills

> General Server Moderation > Plan of actions against Malicious Activities > Channels, Permissions, Roles > Instant, Consistent, Transparent

Past Employers

Monaverse, a platform for 3d metaverses, as part of their Community Team

Current Employers

Magpie Moguls (10k members, LAUNCHED project in Magic Eden) Udder Chaos (7k+, SOL) Buddha Brothers (10k+, ETH) Raiinmaker (20k+) Mod for ClubWizard.io

Experience and contact info

Terribia#4420 [email protected] Please refer to my previous resume for non-NFT server experience.