I can make a Discord bot for you!

Mr.Rockyツ Is looking for a job!

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  • Category: Bot Developers
  • Employee: Mr.Rockyツ Mr.Rockyツ#0103
  • Discord ID: 620708924093628436

How do i contact?

You must add Mr.Rockyツ#0103 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Are you looking for a Discord bot? Hire me, I am Mr.Rocky and I can code one just for you and it will take a day or two to fully finish the bot without any bugs! Free hositng too!


I also offer the source code if you want to hire other devs in the future. -- Bot Development -- * Small Bot: 0 USD A small bot is a bot with no complex activities. Example of Small Bots: > Role on Join Bot > Statistics Bot * Medium Bot: $0 USD A medium bot is a bot with complex activities, or more commands than a small bot. Example of Medium Bots: > Moderation Bot > Giveaway Bot > Chat Filter Bot -- SPECIAL OFFER -- I also have a special deal for you! I can give you a Pre Made bot that contains: * Giveaway System (/giveaway - /finalize-giveaway) * Moderation System (/ban - /kick - /warn - /mute - /clear) * Logging System (On Join/Leave, Message Edition/Deletion) * Reaction Role (A message to react to get roles) All of that just for $0 -- Hosting -- I'll host your bot for $0 a month! Yeah, you might find cheaper hosts but I got something better, I'll provide your bot with free updates over the time and I'll do my best to keep it running 24/7

Employee skills

I develop Discord bots in Javascript. I use my own custom api for bots and projects aswell.

Past Employers

My own Discord server: Moderation, tickets, modmail, etc

Current Employers

I am only employed in my own Discord server which has over 170+ members!

Experience and contact info

I've been developing bots for a whole 2-4 years in JavaScript. I created Moderation, Tickets & Giveaway bots Contact me on Discord @Mr.Rockyツ#0103