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  • Category: Moderators
  • Employee: alphamale alphamale#7187
  • Discord ID: 923782508737335298

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You must add alphamale#7187 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I am Pradnyashil, serving notice period as a software engineer at Oneture, part-time as Community Operation Head at CryptoNaukri. I am looking for Community Moderator job role in NFT projects.


I am Computer Science graduate from India's Tier 1 college IIIT Nagpur. Currently serving notice period as a software engineer at Oneture. Also, doing a part-time job as a Community Operation Head at CryptoNaukri. I had founded Naayab Originals, a music label, where I have collaborated with 30+ artists across India to produce 20+ songs. I had also organized a rap battle - Naayab Fest 1.0 which was blockbuster that time in Hip Hop community. Now, I have very deep interest in Crypto, NFT Market. So, I am looking for change in career path as a Community Moderator or Manager.

Employee skills

I am coder, analytical thinker, a good planner. I have 3 years of experience of team management and Hiring. I have also experience in organizing Event

Past Employers

CryptoNaukri - I am managing their community. They just started. It is for Blockchain developers.

Current Employers

I am currently working with CryptoNaukri, a community for Blockchain Developers.

Experience and contact info

Oneture - Software Engineer - Website CryptoNaukri - Community Operation Head - Website/LinkedIn/Discord