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Yo lol Is looking for a Discord Server Builders job!

  • Yo lol

    Yo lol#5841

  • Server Builders
  • Discord ID: 525726041256493059

How do i contact?

You must add Yo lol#5841 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Specializes in server building and moderation work.


I’m able to build servers from the ground up whether is be an aesthetic server for friends, or a big server for YouTube / Companies, I’m able to do it to your liking. I also do moderation work if needed. I am 17 however and will be paid via gift cards xD. I’m not expensive don’t worry, I accept as little as £5 gift cards. I also do work for free depending on what’s needed to be done.

Employee skills

Trust worthy, reliable, fun, formal, just an all round good guy 🤪.

Past Employers

Multiple servers build and moderated for friends (ranging from 100-5,000 members)

Current Employers

A big gaming company with over 17k discord members.

Experience and contact info

Just under a year doing moderation and server building professionally. email: gaming[email protected] Discord: Yo lol#5841 (not accepting requests)