Setup Discord Server

!!Boo Is looking for a job!

    Employee Information

  • Category: Server Builders
  • Employee: !!Boo !!Boo#7547
  • Discord ID: 591169002567368705

How do i contact?

You must add !!Boo#7547 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I will setup an advanced discord. I am an 18 year old! I currently save money for my college. :D I love making Websites (DevNet, etc... , Cybersecurity (CEH, etc... ), IT (CCNA, etc... )and a few new stuffs.


I am 18 years old. Learning CCNA from VnPro is a great course, and a basic foundation for Cybersecurity in the future.

Employee skills

Learning CCNA from VnPro. I created my own server.

Past Employers

I worked for Advertise Your Server. I am admin in my server.

Current Employers

I am not still employed with any discord servers. I am admin in my server.

Experience and contact info I have experiences ads video ( )