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You must add bun#1959 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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hi my name is lee !! im 15 and i design things such as. . . banners . pfps (personal and server) . dividers . signs (such as qotd, verify, roles, etc) . server templates (includes all but dividers can be animated !!


♡ hi !! I'm lee <3 im **__looking to be hired__** !! im a server designer ♡ ~~**about me::**~~ . `im 15` . `i have about a year of experience` . `im a very hard worker` . `i do not work weekends [MST]` . `i mainly do aesthetic servers but can do other ones` ~~**what i can do::**~~ ♡ __design. .__ . . `banners` . . `pfps (server and personal)` . . `dividers` . . `signs (such as qotd, roles, verify, etc)` . . `server templates (includes roles)` . . `youtube thumbnails` ♡ *all of the above can be animated if desired [besides dividers & youtube thumbnails sadly :(] !!* ♡ ♡ __setup. .__ . . `servers [come in packages, dm me for server package details]` . . `bots` ~~**i also have server packages**~~ . . **baddie** . . **cutie** . . **random** . . **customized** (dm me for more details) ♡ __extras. .__ . . `carrds` if you want me to make a server template and custom designs for the server, all are seperate orders. not only do i design, i also moderate servers ! if you're looking to hire me as an admin/mod, dm me ! ***my payment options ♡*** **~~designing::~~** depending on how long it takes to make your order, it'll be either nitro classic or discord nitro [may include boosts] !! **~~moderating::~~** depending on the amount of moderating im doing, it'll be either one nitro classic a week or one discord nitro a week. [pssst i can do both for one server !] if you're interested, dm me !!

Employee skills

i only have a few months of expericence, so im not the BEST, but im pretty decent ! you can always ask for some examples of my work !

Past Employers

here is a server i designed::

Current Employers

i have my own discord server that some of my work is in !

Experience and contact info

i have a few months of experience personal use wise, yet to have experience working for others ! my discord: ♡ ۫ . sugar 🍉 ୧#1111