*paid* Experienced Mod/Admin. Very Active And Friendly. Trained

mags Is looking for a discord Moderators job!

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  • Discord ID: 248442571838324736

How do i contact?

You must add mags#6176 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I Have Alot Of Experience As A Staff. - Know Basic server rules/Punishments. - Active, 8 hours a day. - Hardworking And Responsible - Able to deal with the problems we can face and also contribute to better additions.


I am 18 years old and I still go to school, I am very social and I enjoy being apart of a community as a staff. I am responsible and interactive, if I see something that's wrong I will be the first one to handle it. I Speak fluent English and Norwegian.

Employee skills

I Am Trained in - How to act as a Mod - How to Use Discord the most Efficient way - Using bots and commands - Handling situations that u will face

Past Employers

SMPHub (Large server for gaming) Softie Server (Community for Social Interactions)

Current Employers

SMPHub (Large server for games) Softie Server (Community for Social Interactions)

Experience and contact info

Trained Mod -Been mod/admin for 1 year total -Active every day Discord : mags#6176 Email : [email protected] Paypal : paypal.me/magsbusinesss