30s-Creative professional-Brand management

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You must add BentTrains#2212 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I'm a creative professional of 15 years including 10 years experience in advertising and brand representation.


Hi there, I'm looking to pivot into the NFT space. I have been heavily invested over the past 12 months, witnessing many successful and unsuccessful projects. I have an exceptional understanding of brand messaging and target market comprehension. I have a server of my own and understand it's usages and capabilities. My experience and communication skills position me perfectly to be on-boarded by your team. Flexible, malleable and highly tuned to the finer points of brand identity, my skillset is ideal for community/brand management from launch through to delivery.

Employee skills

Advertising media—front and back of house—for blue chip brands. Communication and understanding of brand culture. Writer/Art Director/Filmmaker.

Past Employers

As this is a new direction for me, I'd be asking someone to take a chance. Take that chance and I'm confident you will not be disappointed. Pivot...

Current Employers

Pivot... PIVOT! I am passionate about the things I spend my time on and would devote all of my energy to your project. (Asia Pacific time zone.)

Experience and contact info

The projects that move me challenge the status quo and push progression of the space. I'd love to hear about your project. BentTrains