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The Coder Is looking for a Discord Website Developers job!

  • The Coder

    The Coder#5734

  • Website Developers
  • Discord ID: 890585572278669333

How do i contact?

You must add The Coder#5734 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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We are a team of young developers who can make your website one of the best! We use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our basic price is ONLY 5 USD!


We make good websites, though we many take some time; we work efficiently, and do good websites. Our cost is also less, compared to other organizations/people (WIX/GODADDY) . We charge ONLY 5 USD for all the coding of a website with CSS and some simple JS. If you would like to have a custom domain we can buy it for you and get you the best offer. If you would like to do some extra stuff(animations, 5+ webpages, etc) you will have to pay more. This is with accordance to our website: https://webworks.github.io You can have a look. It briefly describes all our options.

Employee skills

We do good websites, fully embedded with CSS and JS, to give you the best experience. We have been practicing for 2-3 years for now.

Past Employers

None yet! But you can be our first customer!! And help us grow!

Current Employers

As you read before, sadly none, but you can still be our first customer! Help us grow!

Experience and contact info

We work in HTML, CSS and JS. We can also embed your discord server's invite link if you want ;) | The Coder#5734 | https://discord.gg/YrqUATUXmu |