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Shreesha Is looking for a Discord Website Developers job!

  • Shreesha


  • Website Developers
  • Discord ID: 814707866564558848

How do i contact?

You must add Shreesha#0001 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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We are a team of young developers We use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


We make good websites, though we many take some time; we work efficiently, and do good websites. Our cost is also less, compared to other organizations/people(WIX / GODADDY) . We charge ONLY 10 USD for all the coding of a website with CSS and some simple JS. If you would like to have a custom domain we can buy it for you and get you the best offer. we will make you a custom website ( buying a domain) and we coding it. Which get u the best offer

Employee skills

We do good websites, fully embedded with CSS and JS, to give you the best experience. I have been practising for 2-3 years for now.

Past Employers


Current Employers

We have a team.

Experience and contact info

I have a lot of past experience in developing, I can easily adjust my behavior to situations. DM Shreesha#0001 or The Prime#2222 or k1ng#5812