Active and a lot of free time moderator/ Server manager (paid)

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  • Category: Administrators
  • Employee: NightOwl NightOwl#2183
  • Discord ID: 917506432109248562

How do i contact?

You must add NightOwl#2183 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hey i am Souf (20 years old) got a lot of free time and experience running and managing servers i have been positions as staff manager/community manager and admin for different rp servers as in for Gmod/Gta rp servers.


I am a student in college for software development (From the netherlands) as i am doing that i am basically all the time behind my pc so actively moderating a server is no problem for me. I play games as Valorant and Overwatch at the moment tho i do not call my self the greatest in those games. I can be a very serious person but also a person you can have a laugh with, I am a flexible person at any situation and can deal with tough moments.

Employee skills

-5 years discord experience with moderating and administration and management roles through out. -Actively do my work right. -Social and friendly.

Past Employers

-Novacore gaming(starwars rp server 400 members in 2018 -Project Rebound(sw rp server 200 members in 2019 -Solo RP(Gtarp server 5000 members in 2020

Current Employers

As of now no server except my small own. The servers i were in as staff have left to do their own thing.

Experience and contact info

-Discord: NightOwl#2183 Come discuss with me about what you need me for and we will go from there further. If you need me too i can actively moderate.