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Anos Voldigoad Is looking for a discord Administrators job!

  • Anos Voldigoad

    Anos Voldigoad#5378

  • Administrators
  • Discord ID: 902623164847239209

How do i contact?

You must add Anos Voldigoad#5378 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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hi,i am anos voldigoad,an anime fan and watch alot of yt/tik tok


I am a hard worker,love animals and people.I'm advertising my discord server and would love for it to grow into a large server.My favourite anime is misfit of demon king academy

Employee skills

I am hard working,I am am regarded as a good event planner.I am good at creating roles and can create any roles based on the server category

Past Employers

The nice server-i was mod,CHILL-admin,HD-head mod,The Elite-owner 2,The elite 2-owner 2,

Current Employers

Demon King server-the current owner of it and would love for it to grow

Experience and contact info

I am an experienced owner and have been co-owner of many servers,i have also previously been head mod,community manager.You can dm Anos Voldigoad#5378