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You must add RealestRealist#9556 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am a discord moderator for NFT projects with good ideas that could help your project. I understand the ecosystem very well and is confident with my knowledge that I can advice you in making your project/server better.


I have started to take interest with NFT 3 years ago and did not stop learning about it ever since. I have read articles books and tutorial videos that has helped a lot in increasing my knowledge when it comes to NFT Communities. I am one of the founders of Crypto Puggies. A new and upcoming project with great roadmap that is focused on donating on animal charities and Ukraine relief. I have been a mod for almost a year now. I have been a mod in 8 projects including ones that has recently minted such as SOLBOX and FUNKY BUNNIES. I am a Community Manager at Funky Bunnies. I help stabilize the vibe and mood in the general chat and resolve conflicts. I host events, invite people in the server and reassure everyone regarding the project and points people where to look for answers for their questions. I train mods regarding their jobs and I could say that the projects that I have worked on had great success because of my ideas and contributions. As a founder of a project, I know what I look for in a moderator and try to become more than that as a moderator for other projects. I have also worked as a collaboration manager before. It helped me establish a collaboration network with various collaboration managers from other projects which I could talk to about having a collaboration with your server which can get you organic and potential investors into your project. I could also ask them to collaborate with us on twitter

Employee skills

I host games, I can think of unique element that I could add into your server that will contribute to it's success. I am active and knowledgeable.

Past Employers

Funny Shinobis Solbox Japanese Folklore Cool Meteors Moon Cats(Not affiliated with Moon Birds)

Current Employers

Funky Bunnies ( Community Manager ) Crypto Puggies ( Founder ) Galaxy Girls ( Collaboration Manager )

Experience and contact info

DM me at: RealestRealist#9556 Moderator - at least 1 year Collab Manager - 6 months Founder - 1 Month