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  • Category: Server Builders
  • Employee: RealestRealist RealestRealist#9556
  • Discord ID: 864604874434674699

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You must add RealestRealist#9556 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I am a discord server builder. I have built around 20 servers for NFT projects. My skills are not limited to NFT projects. I can build servers according to your preference too.


I have worked various jobs on discord. I have been an advisor to NFT projects, my ideas contributed a lot in the success of their projects. I am easy to communicate with and active almost every time. I have been a server builder for more than a year now. I have built gaming servers, fandom servers, NFT communities, Agency Servers and could do many more.

Employee skills

I am an experienced server builder that can help you get your desired server for your desired purpose.

Past Employers

Funky Bunnies SOLBOX Crypto Puggies Funny Shinobis Liwanag Fandom Cool Boys Guild Falcon Knights K-POP Stans Apex Legends LFG And many more

Current Employers

Crypto Puggies (Founder) Galaxy Girls (Collaboration Manager) Funky Bunnies (Community Manager)

Experience and contact info

DM me at: RealestRealist#9556 Server Builder - 3 years + Moderator - 1 year + Collab Manager - 6 months Founder - 1 month