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  • Discord ID: 240219752214167553

How do i contact?

You must add Zaveran#9085 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hello, I’m Demitrius Young. I’ve been in the NFT space since Late January of 2022. I want to share my passion for helping people and to help build a better right knit community where it is like a second family.


I spent six years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Marine. I’ve taken all the skills I’ve learned while serving back home with me when I retired from the Military. In December of 2021 I started learning about NFTs until January I decided to dive right into the space.

Employee skills

Leadership Punctuality Verbal Communication Team Building Willingness to learn Availability/Flexibility Motivated and Goal driven

Past Employers

I did not have any past employers, but I’ve been taking note on how different moderators for big servers ran them and how they operated.

Current Employers

I am not currently employed as a moderator in any sever at this moment in time.

Experience and contact info

I have zero official experience being a moderator, but I help answer questions and lead people in the right directions. Discord: Zaveran#9085