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    Employee Information

  • Category: Moderators
  • Employee: dee_e |YF dee_e |YF#3296
  • Discord ID: 963596889813557319

How do i contact?

You must add dee_e |YF#3296 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


I am a very dedicated and hard-working mod Who is very adaptable to ever changing workflows. I also pride myself in being a big team player


I a strategic moderator for crypto and NFT projects who seeks to understand and intimate myself with your projects having an improving performance, productivity, efficiency and profitability in providing guidance for members, answers to questions and coordination of the server or group in a way that positions the project in the members' best interest and protects the project's image and interest.

Employee skills

Good communication skills Adaptability Exceptional Organizational Skills Teamwork Confident Effective Facilitator Transparent

Past Employers

In the past I didn’t have to accept jobs brought to me on discord due to the number of groups i was moderating on telegram

Current Employers

Telegram: anontoken owned by anonymous Discord:fishtanks Macaronswap

Experience and contact info

You can reach me through the following channels Discord: dee_e |YF#3296 Telegram: dee_diann Twitter: damzzz___