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Kellytrip Is looking for a Discord Moderators job!

  • Kellytrip


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  • Discord ID: 980399909587017728

How do i contact?

You must add Kellytrip#4697 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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Hello there am Kelly, i am a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual, with broad skills and experience in digital and printed marketing, social media and leading projects.


I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I'm not comfortable with settling, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness. I am also adept at handling multiple tasks.

Employee skills

I have a really good communication skills and I have also helped alot of servers grow with my tips and I am mostly online so I can keep chats active.

Past Employers

I have worked with Wildcats Angry boars Intrelite Lucifer Den The Simpsons Gangster Cat

Current Employers

I am currently not moderating any server cause i fell really sick and had to resign from all projects. Am good now so it's time to get back to work :)

Experience and contact info

You can always contact on Discord 👇 Kellytrip#4697 If you are interested in me working for you, please do well to contact me I'll make time for you.