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  • Category: Moderators
  • Employee: Suhadolc Suhadolc#5269
  • Discord ID: 391540034123071489

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You must add Suhadolc#5269 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


We are a group of 4 experienced moderators in NFT/CRYPTO/FOREX areas. If you need the BEST team to run your server, we are the ones. If you don't believe, test us.


Let me present our group. We all use discord daily and ran 1 NFT server previously for 2 months. My name is Luka and I have a background in forex and crypto. I am a trader with a lot of free time and experience with moderating discord servers. The second group member is Paul. He has a background in Forex and Stocks. He is the most experienced with trading and technical analysis. The next one is Jakob. He is very knowledgeable in the crypto and NFT area. He is also very active on discord crypto and nft servers. Here is our last one, Jure. He has a background in Stocks and Crypto. He will provide you with the best info about stocks.

Employee skills

Knowledge in next areas: -MODERATOR JOB -CRYPTO -NFT -FOREX -STOCKS

Past Employers

NFT server Christmas Weirdos discord.gg/6jXtWAmPvst

Current Employers

We are not employed yet, looking for the next server to run

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NFT discord server moderation and administration: xmas weirdos Investing in stocks, crypto and nfts Trading forex and crypto