Admin/Mod/Server manager for hire!

Its_Me_Alin Is looking for a job!

    Employee Information

  • Category: Administrators
  • Employee: Its_Me_Alin Its_Me_Alin#3646
  • Discord ID: 663966932923580417

How do i contact?

You must add Its_Me_Alin#3646 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.


Hello everyone my name is Alin and I am 20 years old I like making friends ,anime ,games(Slime rancher is my fav game) and moderating. I hope we will work together


As I said my name is Alin and I have a lot of free time so I will be online most of the time except when I am sleeping cuz yea I need that sleep, I am very experienced with bots and discord server and I have my own discord server

Employee skills

I have a 2 year moderation experience from both big and small servers, I know how to handle bots and server and I am very friendly towards the members

Past Employers (Twitch streamer with 627 followers) Sparky and kay old server ( 1000+ members) Royal residence ( 500+ members)

Current Employers

I am still employed with notyouravergeintrovert ( twitch streamer) And sparky and kay but the new server which is mine Royal residence was deleted

Experience and contact info

You can contact me here! Twitter: @itsmealin3 discord: its_me_alin#3646 I will respond as fast as possible and I hope we'll work together Bye for now!