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lilXzav Is looking for a job!

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  • Discord ID: 734465499097727047

How do i contact?

You must add lilXzav#5189 on discord and message them regarding their job listing.

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I am an 18 year old from India, I’ve been in the crypto & nft space for over a year now and I’ve done multiple online courses on nfts and crypto


Currently I study in the second year of BBA, and other that that i have 8 free hours where i engage on discord and network with different people trying to gain knowledge in this space, ive been a part of 30+ nft projects in the past 3 months

Employee skills

Critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, great sales rep, familiar with all the roles and skills required as a mod

Past Employers

I am a fresher but I’ve interacted with several mods to get to know their roles

Current Employers

As said earlier i am a fresher but I’ve been part of multiple projects and i have great engagement and communication skills

Experience and contact info

I am a fresher in this space but i can send my resume if required via email [email protected] Discord - lilXzav #5189